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    What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

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    Re: What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    hello . .

    In the recent times, Bio-Technology as a subject has grown rapidly indeed . . !!

    And as far as employment is concerned, it has become the second fastest growing sector after multi-media.

    Candidates with postgraduate degree in biotechnology get absorbed in corporate and government sector

    Qualified biotechnologists are employed into ::

    leading indian business houses ,

    MNCs including pharmaceutical companies,

    chemical industries,

    bio-processing industries,

    agriculture related industries

    and pollution control activities of the major industries etc.

    They can even join government and corporate run research and development organizations.

    good Career Opportunities . . !!

    good luck . . . .

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    Re: What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    ,after completion of Your M.sc Biotechnology You will get lot of job oppurtunities in different companies like Avesthagen, Dr Reddy's, Ranbaxy India Ltd , Sisco Research Labs, Reliance Life Sciences, Monsanto Seeds, Panacea Biotec
    Biocon, Serum Institute of India, Eli Lilly . and also lot of companies looking for m.sc biotechnology students

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    Re: What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    After M.Sc in Biotechnology research is one most opted field. You can take up research in any laboratory or pharmaceutical company. Companies like Laurus Laboratories Ltd, GVK Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Albany Molecular Research Centre Pvt Ltd, Anshul Biotechnologies Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, EPR Pharmaceuticals Ltd etc recruit candidates with this specialisation. You will also find opportunities in Chemical industry, Agricultural industry, Food Processing Industries, Agro Based Industries etc. Also you join any of the media houses as the a science writer. Opportunities in the teaching field will be available after you clear the NET exam. To secure a government job you can take the PSC, SSC, UPSC exam.

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    Arrow Re: What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    After completing your M.Sc.Biotechnology, you can get job in the following areas:

    -Research Associate
    -Biology Co-coordinator
    -Bio-System Analysist
    -Bio-Informatics Software Developer
    -Bio-Informatics Programmer
    -Medicine Designer
    -Genetic Engineer
    -Quality Control Officer
    -Environment Scientist
    -Research Officer
    -Scientific Officer
    -Sequence Analyst
    -Drugs Technologist
    -Technical Assistant
    -Laboratory Technician

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    Re: What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    Hello Friend,

    The scope of Biotechnology in India is good as it is purely a research field. If you do MS from foreign university then you can get a good salary in this field.In abroad also it has a very good demand.

    Today the essence of biotechnology is most prominent in the field of genetic researches and drug designing

    Job Prospects For You Are:

    You can have jobs in different fields like:

    >>Pharmaceutical companies

    >>Chemical industries

    >>Bio processing industries

    >>Agriculture related industries

    >>Pollution control activities and other major industries.

    >>Government organizations

    >>Research organizations

    >>Developments organizations.

    Future Scope:

    *You can pursue PHD in Biotechnology after M.sc biotechnology.There are very wide scope if you do phd in boitechnology after msc.

    *After Phd, there will be better option for you that you can do research work, or you can be recruited as a professor in many prestigious institute like IITs,NITs& others.

    *You can contact in government and private sector in which recruitment of Phd in biotechnology is possible.

    All The Best...

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    Re: What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    After M.Sc. Biotechnology you can at best try for teaching or lectureship jobs. There are many institutes today that want people from biology related area. If you go and check www.quikr.com then you will see there are lots of posts wanting Biology teacher, lecturer. So I would ask you to go for private school jobs. Today schools are offering reasonably good salary. If you want government school jobs then you would have to sit for SSC examinations. But the negative point about this is you should be free for relocation. If you have reservations against this then this would be a problem. Sometimes families also want their people to work somewhere close. So private schools can be the best available option for you. Similarly you can sit for private college interviews. If you clear you will be recruited as a part time lecturer.

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    Re: What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring bioproducts. Biotechnology also utilizes these products for manufacturing purpose

    An MSc in Biotechnology will give you more hands on experience . You will likely have a much broader biotechnology background when you graduate but, you will mostly be qualified only to do further research (either as a technician or to go on to a PhD).

    With a MSc you are more likely to head into a position as a Technician, Scientific Associate, or to continue on in graduate studies to get your PhD. MSc's often find themselves in a good position to take on a teaching position either at the high school or trade school level as well.

    One other option of course is to do the MSc and then a separate MBA. This is the broadest scope of all and, far and away in my opinion, the most marketable

    here r few .. options

    1.they can go into the teaching profession.

    2.they can do work in food processing industry.

    3.they can do agriculture related research works.

    4.they can work in pharmacitical industry.

    the salary will be 20000-25000/- pm at the starting of joining.

    all the best.....

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    Re: What are the job prospects after M.Sc Biotechnology?

    There are large number of jobs opportunities after M.Sc. Biotechnology.
    You can find opportunities in both private as well as public sector.
    You can find job opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, chemical industries, agriculture industries, waste management industries, etc.
    There are many job types for M.Sc Biotechnology graduates. Some of the job types are research scientist, Research associates, Bio Informist, Analyst, etc.

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