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    What are the job opportunities after MBA+PGDM in system?

    What are the job opportunities after MBA+PGDM in system?
    thank you.

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    Re: What are the job opportunities after MBA+PGDM in system?

    Hello Friend,

    MBA-Master in Business Administration.

    PGDM-Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

    >>MBA is designed to educate the students on the different aspects of business and industry like economics, finance, accounting, marketing, human resource and management, while PGDM is designed to focus on the needs of the industry or business.

    >>MBA is a degree course, while PGDM is a diploma course.

    Jobs Opportunities For PGDM Course:

    Government Jobs:

    >> For Government jobs, you should be a big thinker as well as a team player too.

    >>This program is very useful for a career in a government agency.


    >>If you want to build your careers in the field of marketing, you should be able to create effective marketing strategies as well as good communication skills for conveying their messages to people more efficiently.

    >>An PGDM program provides theoretical knowledge and practical marketing skills to its students.


    >>For making a career in finance, you should be quick thinker, having high energy levels and require having patience to deal with clients.

    >>PGDM in Finance is the best way to determine, if you want to build a successful Career in Finance.

    Non-profit Organizations:

    >>After completing PGDM,you can also find a good job in non-profit organizations too.

    >> It will be very good for us in the involvement of non-profit organization.

    >> As an PGDM graduate, it will be very rewarding for financially and emotionally that our talents are making a positive difference in people lives.

    Job Opportunities For MBA in System:

    >>Project leaders in IT companies

    >>Business process consultants

    >>Techno Managers in marketing firms

    >>Business Analyst

    >>ERP consultant etc.

    All The Best...

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    Re: What are the job opportunities after MBA+PGDM in system?

    MBA & PGDm job Opportunities :

    Finance Management Experts

    Corporate strategy planners

    Sales & Marketing Mangers

    Business Analysts

    Group Product Managers

    Project Managers

    Market Analysts

    Finance Analysts

    Operations Mangers

    Public Relations Executives

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    Re: What are the job opportunities after MBA+PGDM in system?


    Business Intelligence HCL, Delhi/NCR

    Sales Manager - Commercial Payments Solution HDFC Bank, Chennai
    Sales Manager - Personal Loan (OCC) HDFC Bank, Bangalore
    Sales Manager - Home Loans HDFC Bank, Delhi/NCR
    Merchant Relationship Manager HDFC Bank, Delhi/NCR
    Recovery Manager-Collection HDFC Bank, Delhi/NCR
    Sales Manager - Credit Card (OCC) HDFC Bank, Bangalore
    Sales Manager - Auto Loans (OCC) HDFC Bank, Bangalore
    Sales Manager - Super Premium Cards HDFC Bank, Chennai
    Industry Manager, Emerging Businesses- Google- Mumbai Google , Mumbai
    Mktg Business Senior Analyst Dell, Bangalore
    Finance Executive ITC, Kolkata
    Finance Superintendent ITC, Kolkata
    Purchase Executive ITC, Kolkata
    Assistant Security Officer ITC, Kolkata
    Corporate Marketing Executive Kredent Academy, Kolkata
    Security Operations Executive Wipro Technologies, Mumbai
    Business Analyst Wipro Technologies, Noida - Delhi/NCR
    Branch Manager/ Branch Operation Manager

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    Re: What are the job opportunities after MBA+PGDM in system?

    The job opportunities do come about in private and public sector as per your qualifications. You can get in to private companies for positions as per your specialization. In government sector, if you are interested you can apply for positions like Management Trainee, IT specialist, Assistant Manager etc in public sector companies like SAIL, NTPC, HAL etc. You need to attend written examination to get selection. Also public sector banks offer positions like Specialist officer/PO etc if you qualify bank written examinations. MBA+ PGDM candidates can try for jobs in academic area for lecturer posts. You are required to attend UGC NET examination for this. If interested, you can go for Civil services too.

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    Thumbs up Re: What are the job opportunities after MBA+PGDM in system?

    Hi friend,

    As you know that PGDM or MBA is one of the most paying Courses, so dont have to worry about it's scope. As we all know that MBA is The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) is a master's degree in business administration, which attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The core courses in the MBA program are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc. Students in MBA programs have the option of taking general business courses throughout the program or can select an area of concentration and focus approximately one-fourth of their studies in this subject.

    Scope of MBA :

    The scope for a MBA graduate is unparalleled, apart from attractive pay packets and placements being offered at college-level itself, it opens doors to various sectoral opportunities.

    Apart from Corporate careers, you may opt for entrepreneurship, work in co-operatives, NGO's as the opportunities are literally unlimited. Even when the industry goes through trends/fads, like the recent dot com fad, MBAs are the first in and among the first out, thereby reaping the benefits of a rising industry and the smartness of exiting to a different industry when the fall happened. This is due to the multi-dimensional, multi-tasking quality an MBA possesses.

    For example : A MBA with Finance specialization does not necessarily fare poorly when the industry hits the doldrums. He gets onto marketing of financial services (say, marketing of mutual funds or insurance products), thereby reducing career risk.

    Hope it helps!!

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    Re: What are the job opportunities after MBA PGDM in system?

    I complate bcom.this year i confuse what is next

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    Re: What are the job opportunities after MBA PGDM in system?

    i am b tech mechanical i want to pursue pgdm in operations. what are the job opportunity after pgdm operations

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