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    What is ICWA? What will be the starting salary for an ICWA student?

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    Re: What is ICWA? What will be the starting salary for an ICWA student?

    DEAR the salary will depend upon your score level and your ability to do well in this field, if you are a average student than you have to satisfy with 20,000 to 40,000 per month,
    if you are extremely well than you can expect 1,00,000 to 2.5 lakhs.
    the salary depend upon your company you select .
    cost and management accountancy is a challenging profession which provides numerous scope and tremendous opportunities by way of independent practice and employment in the areas of
    • accounting
    • auditing,
    • financial planning,
    • financial analysis,
    • management consulting and performance management ,
    • corporate finance,
    • project evaluation,
    • venture capital,
    • company and other business laws,
    • taxation,
    • and corporate governance ,
    over the years ICWAI has emerged as a leading professional institute in india and the second largest management accounting body in the world with focus on knowledge,
    training and research in the field.
    the ICWA is recognized by the government of india as a scientific and industrial research organisation.
    this is also toughest courses and highly payable in the world .the cost and work accountants of India is a premier ,and dynamic professional institution ,this is very good course to opt because it provides the service to the nation , government and industry,
    the ICWA is a professional qualification, you have to pass this exam it was very important to you.
    the main functions of ICWAI is
    development and regulation of the cost and management accountancy profession in India.
    you have to develop and promote the adoption of scientific methods in cost and management accountancy,
    there will be three courses like
    • foundation course and
    • intermediate course
    • final course
    foundation course
    you should have 17 years of age with 10+2 recognized by the board,
    the cost of fees you need to pay is rs.200/-

    intermediate course
    the age shouldn't be less than 18 years of age, and you have to pass degree examination of any recognized university,
    • you have to pay the fees rs.200/-
    the exam is generally conducted twice in a in the month of December and June,
    December exam is conducted in 10 to 17,
    and June in 11 to 18,
    all the best

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    Re: What is ICWA? What will be the starting salary for an ICWA student?

    Minimum Duration of Cost and Work Accountancy course:

    Foundation Program- 6 months
    Intermediate Program- 12 months
    Practical Training- 36 months
    Final Course- 12 months

    Fee Structure of Cost and Work Accountancy course:

    Foundation Course:

    Correspondence Mode-Rs.3500
    Oral Coaching - Rs.3500

    Intermediate Course:

    Correspondence Mode - Rs.15700
    Oral Coaching - Rs.19700

    Final Course:

    Correspondence Mode- Rs.11500
    Oral Coaching- Rs. 16500

    Computer Training- Rs.3400
    Management Training Fee- RS.4000

    For further information, refer to the official website of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

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    Re: What is ICWA? What will be the starting salary for an ICWA student?

    What is the minimum salary package for icwai students? How to take addmission in icwai?

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