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    What is the future scope for Biotechnology graduates?

    can i get jobs after complete my bio technology? what is its future stage?

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    Siva mechanical
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    Re: What is the future scope for Biotechnology graduates?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    can i get jobs after complete my bio technology? what is its future stage?
    Hello friend,

    >> Biotechnology is the branch of science where we can study above the advancement in technologies.

    >> This course is split-ed into two various carriers. They are as follows:-

    > It have more scope in industrial sector such as

    >food industry.

    > beverage industry.

    >textile industry.

    >biological products.


    >pharmaceuticals etc....

    > It also have more scope in

    > Agriculture.

    > Animal Husbandry.

    > Nutrition.

    > Environmental Conservation.

    > Health Care.

    > Industrial Research and Development.

    >> It is also have more scope in the field of Genetic Engineering.

    >> Check the various fields in Biotechnology and know your job scope in the various fields which is related to Biotechnology course.......

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: What is the future scope for Biotechnology graduates?

    I would cause a little disappointment for you, as I feel currently Biotechnology does not have a good future. Earlier it had good possibilities. But now too many people are coming for these genres. So you can pretty well understand what happens if many people come to a certain education genre. The same thing also goes for MBA in IT. So that particular genre should be pursued which has high scope and less people going for it. If you have not yet gone for Biotechnology, then go for some other science genre like chemistry or physics or engineering genres. But if you are already from Biotechnology then go for a masters degree first. You can go for MBA in Biotechnology or M.Sc. in Biotechnology and then you can go for company level jobs. You can go for small time projects and increase your job experience. Then you can go higher level jobs in commercial sectors. FOr jobs in biotechnology genre do log onto www.naukri.com or www.freshersworld.com. Good Luck.

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    Navendu Kumar Jha
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    Re: What is the future scope for Biotechnology graduates?

    Future scope for Biotechnology

    The scope of biotechnology is huge. The future scenarios are probably far beyond our wildest imagination.

    A few examples:
    - There are artists and architects collaborating with biochemists and geneticists to theorize about the possibility of creating living houses for humans. These houses would be made of living plants genetically engineered to be perfect habitats living symbiotically with humans, including cool or warm climate controls, plumbing (fresh water and waste digestion), food provision, and light energy capture, storage, and production. Different textures, colors, and functions are unlimited in theory.

    - Researchers have recently isolated the genes related to schizophrenia and are seeking funding for research leading to the investigation of a cure or treatment.

    - Scientists are racing to save the honeybee from a viral plague that is eradicating it from the face of North America and threatening our supply of honey. They are looking into the DNA of the virus hoping to stop it in its tracks.

    Careers/Jobs after Biotechnology

    1. Bioinformatician
    2. Biomedical Engineer
    3. Biotechnology Laboratory Technician
    4. Biotechnology Research Associate
    5. Clinical Research Associate
    6. Crime Lab Technician
    7. Quality Control Analyst
    8. Quality Control Engineer
    9. Senior Research Scientist
    10. Validation Technician
    11. Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical Sales

    Undergraduate courses

    -> Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology
    -> Bachelor of Science in Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology
    ->Bachelor of Science in Applied Biotechnology
    ->Bachelor of Science in Bio-technology
    ->Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Biotechnology
    ->Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Medical Biotechnology
    ->Bachelor of Science in Medical Biotechnology
    ->Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Animal Biotechnology
    ->Bachelor of Technology in Bioprocess Technology
    ->Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology
    ->Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Microbiology
    ->Bachelor of Technology in Molecular and Cellular Engineering

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