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    What are the further opportunities after doing CS along with MBA marketing course?

    i have done MBA in marketing and planning to do CS,i just want to know what will be the opportunities after doing CS with MBA marketing

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    Re: What are the further opportunities after doing CS along with MBA marketing course?

    MBA – Marketing Management Course Details:

    Eligibility Criteria for Admission to M.B.A. Marketing Management:

    --You must be a graduate in any stream from an accredited university or college.
    --The minimum required percentage by certain institutes is 60%.

    Duration of M.B.A. Marketing Management:

    --M.B.A Marketing management is a 2 year regular course.

    Course Structure:

    Year- I:

    --Basics of Marketing,Sales Management,Laws Relating to Marketing,Principles of Management,Research Methodology

    Year- II:

    --Retail & Distribution Management,Integrated Marketing Communications,Services Marketing
    Project Report,Communication Skills.

    --Each year contains 400 marks paper in total.

    Scope of MBA Marketing:

    --MBA Marketing teaches art of selling products or services and Marketing Professional other core areas are Branding, Planning and adoption of promotional campaigns, Client research etc. Marketing person, with innovative strategies, bring new ideas and concepts which help organizations to prosper.

    Importance of MBA Marketing:

    -- The MBA Marketing covers every aspect of marketing management - sales, branding, finance, advertisement, people management etc.

    --MBA marketing professionals are always in great demand in all industrial sectors because of increase in competition in marketing products and services.

    Jobs for MBA Marketing:

    --There are an enormous amount of career opportunities and options for MBA Marketing Professionals. The most common are -

    1.Marketing Manager

    2.Brand Manager

    3.Market Research Analyst

    4.Product Manager

    5.Strategic Market Planner

    6.Sales Manager

    7.Advertising Manager

    8.PR (public relations) Director

    9.Marketing Communications Manager OR IN FOLLOW BELOW

    Scopes of CS involves.....

    1.Job's in bank's and private firms.

    2.To become CS YOU MUST CLEAR THESE STAGES .....

    3.Foundation Course

    4.Intermediate Course

    5.Final Course

    Pay package for Company secretary job:

    --You will be able to earn Rs.6000 to Rs.20,000 per month after this course.


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    Re: What are the further opportunities after doing CS along with MBA marketing course?

    hello friend,

    To be honest,you really have great opportunities in IT industry after completing your Marketing course as you also have done CS

    Career opportunities after CS and Marketing

    • Software programmer
    • Software Testing
    • Database Administrator (DBA)
    • Software sales
    • Application Engineers/ Software trainers
    • Software support
    • Manufacturing
    • Maintenance
    • Research and Development
    • Management
    • Manufacture
    • Data entry
    • Support services
    • Opportunities in government sector exist with Indian Engineering Services, Civil Services, Banking Services and various other jobs in govt sector for which advertisements are published in all major newspapers.
    • Product and Brand Managers
    • New Product Development Specialists
    • Marketing Managers
    • Account Management Specialists

    Skills required for a Marketing graduate

    Command over language, both spoken and written
    Ability to persuade and influence people
    Awareness of general business scenario
    A knack of listening well
    Ability to devise and offer solutions to the customer’s problem areas
    Analytical ability
    Good reasoning power
    Skill with numbers
    Basic computer knowledge and good presentation skills, especially PowerPoint

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!

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