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    What is the exact eligibility criteria for admission in BITS as state topper?

    I am studying in 2 in Kerala. As per Kerala Board Exam Council, our Higher secondary mark is the average of that we scored in 1 and 2 (If we get 94% in 1, and 96% in 2, our overall marks is 95%). This is because both our 1 and 2 exams are public exams. But many say that for BITS and all other exams, marks of 2 only will be consider. Here is my question : If I score 100% in 2 alone, will I get direct admission to BITS as state topper. But I am pretty sure that many students from our boards will get 100% too... What about them?
    Please clarify my confusion... I am desperate about joining BITS. Thanks in advance!

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