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    What is education? What are the various types of education?

    What is education? What are the various types of education?

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    Re: What is education? What are the various types of education?

    Education is the process of bringing desirable change into the behavior of human beings. It can also be defined as the “Process of imparting or acquiring knowledge or habits through instruction or study”. The behavioral changes must be directed towards a desirable end. They should be acceptable socially, culturally and comically and result in a change in knowledge, skill, attitude and understanding.

    With the development of society; education has taken many shapes, such as child education, adult education, technical education, health education, physical education and so on. The other broad classification could be:

    1. Formal Education

    2. Non formal education and

    3. Informal Education

    In detail I will throw some light on each form of education
    Formal Education is:

    [COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]1. Institutional activity.

    2. Chronologically graded hierarchically structured.

    3. Uniform.

    4. Subject oriented.

    5. Full time.

    6. Leads to certificates, diplomas, degrees

    [COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]Non Formal Education is:

    1. Flexible.

    2. Life environment and learner oriented.

    3. Diversified in content and method.

    4. Non-authoritarian and

    5. Built on learner participation.

    6. It mobilizes local resources.

    7. It enriches human and environmental a potential.

    E.g. Agricultural Extension.

    Informal Education is:

    1. Life long process.

    2. Individual learns from daily experiences.

    3. Individual learns from exposure to the environment at home, at work, at play etc.[/COLOR]

    Hope this information is useful.

    All the best..!!

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