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    What is the duration of CS course?

    I learn in .F.Y.B.COM and i want to do company secretary course
    i want some information like how long this course

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    Re: What is the duration of CS course?

    hello friend..!!

    ->there are 3 stages in CS course.
    (a)foundation course
    (b)Executive course.
    (c)Professional course.

    ->the duration of foundation course is of 8 months.
    ->the duration od intermediate course is of 9 months.

    thank u!!

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    Re: What is the duration of CS course?

    Company Secretaryship course is divided into three stages:
    - Fondation course,
    - Executive course,
    - Professional course
    To become a Company Secretary, the candidate need to pass the three levels:
    - Foundation Programme,
    - Executive Programme,
    - Professional Programme
    In addition, after passing Executive Programme or Professional Programme candidates has to undergo 15 months of practical training to become eligible for the membership as a Company Secretary. Overall,the duration of this course is of 6 years excluding the practical training.

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