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    What is the duration of Civil Engineering degree course for Diploma holders (Civil Engineering)?

    What is the year duration for degree in civil engineering ? After completing diploma in civil engineering?

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    Re: What is the duration of Civil Engineering degree course for Diploma holders (Civil Engineering)?

    Hello friends

    For the diploma and also for the other people the duration of the Civil engineering course course is 4 years. There are a total of 8 semesters in this course. For the master level the duration is 2 years. There will be 4 semesters for the same. This is common for all engineering and also for diploma courses conducted across the country.

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    Re: What is the duration of Civil Engineering degree course for Diploma holders (Civil Engineering)?

    Hi aspirant,

    It depends upon your choice to go for which duration course. As a diploma holder you can directly join any engineering institution from the second year through lateral entry scheme. This will provide you course duration of 3 years.

    This will not provide you chance to study in IITs or most of the NITs. If you want these educatonal tycoon colleges then you have to try the direct entrance exam whose course duration will be 4 years.

    Civil engineering:

    It is the most blooming field these days as there is growth in infrastructure requirement throughout the country. As the technological revolution expands, as the world's population increases, and as environmental concerns amount, civil engineering skills will be needed throughout the world.

    There is no fear of recession that is prevailing in present industrial sector which has ruined most of the companies leaving civil engineering unturned.The demand for civil engineers will remain strong throughout the future.It is the only field where the jobs available will not come down in any adverse situations.

    Graduates in this aspect can also go in for research and take up teaching or they can open their own independent consultancy services. Engineering are the most important jobs,because they improve the quality of life of the community.The experts say that there is a high demand for engineers in a developing country like India.

    Here are the scope of civil engineering

    1. Govt. sector:

    Nowadays there are many job posts open for Assistant engineering in many state of india for the department which needs architecting and proper planning like irrigation, pwd, railway etc..

    You can apply for the UPSC exam which is conducted for recruiting graduates into government administrative post of different branch. Here you will work for cpwd,railway,defence, water resource etc

    2. private sector:

    If you posses an excellent academic career you can join any private companies or start you career as a builder or a contractor. By this you will independent of any other's command can live according to your own wish.

    You can join company and can work for jobs like designing, quality control, site engineer, brigde construction engineer, road engineer, dam engineer, or any flyover engineer.

    3. PSU:

    Every year the PSUs conduct exam are recruiting civil engineer as a trainee engineer. They are known for the lucrative salary and the prestigious post offering.

    4. Masters and Philosophical Doctorate:

    You can go for pursuing master's degree, then PHD .. Which will promote you to higher level of availing jobs as well as you can try for various research center of India to conduct you experiments to India's infrastructure to new level.


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