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    What is the duration of CA course?

    what is the duration for the ca course??

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?


    CA stands for CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT and this course is for those who wanted to be a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.

    For this you have to appear in the CPT test which is Common Proficiency Test.

    This Common Proficiency Test (CPT) is only for those students who are the members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

    The duration of the course is min 2 months and Max 6 months.

    Pattern of Tests and Subjects

    SESSION I (Two sections, two hours, 100 marks)
    Section A: Fundamentals of Accounting (60 marks)
    Section B: Mercantile Laws (40 marks)

    SESSION II (Two sections, two hours, 100 marks)
    Section C: General Economics (50 marks)
    Section D: Quantitative Aptitude (50 marks)

    To qualify at the CPT, a student has to obtain a total of 50% marks in all the papers together.

    The registration and tuition fee for Common Proficiency Test is Rupees 6,000/-* and it should be paid to Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).


    1)You must have passed 10+2 class from any recognized Board.

    2)If you have passed B.Com, M.Com, LLB, ICWA, CS or MBA at the first attempt, then also you are eligible to apply.

    3)If you are in the final year of the qualifying examination, then also you are eligible to apply.

    4)If you have have registered for CPT Course with Board of Studies of ICAI on or before October 1,2012 then you are eligible to appear in the entrance test.

    For more details visit the website http://www.icai.org



    Theoretical Framework, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Accounting Process, Introduction to Company Accounts, Partnership Accounts, Accounting for Special Transactions, Preparation of Final Accounts for Sole Proprietors, Depreciation accounting, Inventories.

    Mercantile Law:

    The Indian Contract Act, 1872, the Sale of Goods Act, 1930 and the India Partnership Act, 1932.

    General Economics:

    Economic Reforms in India, Select Aspects of Indian Economy, Indian Economy A Profile, Price Determination in Different Markets, Theory of Production and Cost, Theory of Demand and Supply, Micro Economics.

    Quantitative Aptitude:

    Sampling Theory, Theoretical Distributions, Probability and Expected Value by Mathematical Expectation, Correlation and Regression, Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion, Statistical description of data, Basic concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus, Limits and Continuity - Intuitive Approach, Sets, Functions and Relations, Sequence and Series Arithmetic and geometric progressions, Basic concepts of Permutations and Combinations, Simple and Compound Interest including annuity - Applications, Inequalities, Equations, Ratio and proportion, Indices, Logarithms.

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    what is the duration for the ca course??

    Dear Friend,

    The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is the Statutory Body established for the regulation of Chartered Accountancy (CA) Course in India.

    The Institute has arranged the academic preparation and examinations into 4 stages.

    Stage 1: Common Proficiency Test - CPT

    To appear for the CA CPT exams you should be either student of 12th or you should have passed 12th standard.

    CPT is a multiple-choice objective-type examination, in the subjects relating to - (a) Fundamental of Accounting, Law, (c) General Economics, and (d) Quantitative Aptitude.

    Stage 2:
    Orientation and Infotech Training & Integrated Professional Competence Course - IPCC

    You should have passed - (a) CPT, and (b) Senior Secondary Examination (10+2 Examination) conducted by an body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto, Orientation:

    You are required to attend the Orientation Programme conducted by the ICAI to become eligible for appearing for Infotech Training (ITT):

    You should complete 100 hours of ITT classes conducted by the ICAI to be eligible to appear in the IPCC examinations.

    Stage 3:Articleship Training

    ● After passing the IPCC exams, you should register with the ICAI for the Final Course and 3 years of Articleship.

    ● During the Articleship period, you are required to get yourself trained under an Auditor.

    Stage 4: Final Exams

    ● Eligibility: you are eligible to appear in the Final Exam, if you have completed the Articleship training.

    Course Duration :

    (1) CA immediately after Schooling along with Graduation in Correspondence: 4 years

    (2) CA immediately after Schooling along with Graduation in RegularCollege: 6 years
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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    The duration will depend on the number of attempts taken by you to clear each level. For the CPT level you need to register at least 60 days before the date of exam. After that you need to register for the IPCC level. You need to register at least 9 month before the exam. Along with preparing for the exam you need to attend an Orientation course for one week. Also you need to complete 100 hours of Information Technology Training. You will be eligible to appear for the IPCC exam after this. Once you clear this level you are eligible to take the final exam. Along with IPCC level you can to do 3 years of articleship training. So it will take a minimum of 4 years to complete the CA course.

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    we can join after 1oth and apper for the exam after 12th.after clearing that have to register for pe2 simulataneously we need to join articleship traning after completing 15 months of our traning we can appear for final course .if on an average we see its about a period of 5 years.

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    dear charted accountant programme is recognized and accredited by higher educational authorities,this course is excellent course ,if you complete this course in 3.5 years of time according to your talent than you will be more advantageous than other accounting qualifications.
    if you will do this course you will be specialized in
    • auditing,
    • taxation,
    • and accounting,
    you have good specializations in this course like
    • auditing,
    • cost accountancy,
    • accountancy,
    • taxation,
    you have to cross three stages to complete this course
    • stage1:-CPT (common proficiency test)
    • stage2:-IPCC(integrated professional competence course)
    • stage3:-articleship and final course

    mainly you have to cross the CPT exam,
    this entry level exam is much more important to you ,
    eligible for writing the entrance test CPT
    you must pass 10+2 to eligible for this exam, you may also have any kind of degree from recognized university to eligible for this exam,
    the date of the exam is on 17th june ,2012.and you have to send the application forms before 25-04-2012. the date of the exam for december not yet received.
    you have to pay the application forms in
    the branches at which you are going to pay is
    • Mumbai,
    • new Delhi, Chennai,
    • kolkata,
    • fundamentals of accounting,:- this carries 60 marks
    • merchant laws :-this carries 40 marks , you have to attempt in two hours
    • general economics:-50 marks
    • quantitative aptitude:- 50 marks , you have to attempt this two in two hours.
    • you have to get 50% of marks to qualify for the nest round .
    you have to complete your registration before 2 months or more than that.
    eligibility for the IPCE
    you have to pass CPT and 10+2 exam to get eligible,
    you have to enroll for this examination at 9 months before examination,after registration for the IPCC you have to take 100hours ITT course with ICAI.
    subjects fort he IPCC
    • accounting,
    • law ethics and communication,
    • cost accounting and financial management,
    • taxation
    • part-1:income tax,
    • part-2:service tax and VAT,
    GROUP -2
    • advanced accounting,
    • auditing and assurance,
    • information technology and strategic management
    • section:a:information technology,
    • section:b:strategic management
    after passing the IPCE you are going to enter into the final course called ARTICLESHIP
    to write the articleship you should pass at least group-1 of IPCE and should have completed ITT of 100 hours.
    after the articleship you have to write the final course
    syllabus for the final course
    • financial reporting,
    • strategic financial management,
    • advanced auditing and professional ethics,
    • corporate laws and secretarial practice
    • advanced management accounting,
    • information systems control,
    • direct taxes,
    • indirect taxes,
    duration of this entire course is 4 years time and you will pay 3,00,000 lakhs for this entire course in the good colleges.
    some of the jobs you are going to get afetr your CA COURSE LIKE

    so , you have to prepare well for this exam,
    all the best

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    Dear friend,
    If you want to do CA course then it is best for you.

    If you have done 12th class then you are eligible for this course.

    CA programme is of 2 years . It has three sections, Professional Education (PE-I), Professional Education (PE-II) and Final examination.

    The Institute of Chartered Accounts of India organize these examinations.

    Professional Education Course -I

    If you have done 10 + 2 can enroll for the Professional Education Course I.

    - Duration of the course is 10 months.

    -The registration for Professional Education Course I is open throughout the year. A student may register at any time during the year. The exam will be held 2 times a year in May and November.

    -A candidate is declared successful in Professional course I, if he/she secures an aggregate of 50% of the total marks in all the papers .

    Professional Education Course-II & Final Course:

    The CA Programme is mainly divided into Professional Education Course II and Final course. After completing the Professional Education Course I can go for Professional Education Course II .

    After passing the Professional Education Examination-II, you will be a trainee for a period of 3 years. During this period he gets thorough knowledge of the various fields in which a Chartered Accountant .

    On successful completion of the Final examination one becomes the member of the Institute. Member of the Institute may either practice as a Chartered Accountant on his own or go for employment.

    Today people who have done CA course earns good money .Either you can start your own business or you can do as a Chartered Accountant in any company,bank.

    But this course is not easy you have to work hard.

    best of lk..

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    CA Course Details :

    Common Proficiency Test :
    registering for the course two months prior to the first day of the month in which the test is supposed to be conducted , so min duration of the course will be two months

    Integrated Professional Competence Course :
    Duration of this stage nine months & after qualifying the integrated professional competence exam , you will be eligible to enroll for the Final Course

    [COLOR="rgb(0, 255, 255)"]Final Exam :[/COLOR]
    Final Exam can be taken anytime after completion of a min of 3 years of articled traning , as the duration of articled training is 3 1/2years

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    what is the duration for the ca course??

    CA is very complete course as far as finance department of the company is concern.
    and he is expert in Auditing and in Taxation.

    CA is often known as Business Advisor of the company.


    There are three stages in CA

    1. Common Proficiency Test(CPT)
    2. IPCC
    3. Final examination

    Common Proficiency Test is mandatory for you even if they are graduate but if you hold 50% marks than you can skip CPT.

    Other details about the CA

    There are two mode of Examination in CA in Paper Pencil test or Online Test.

    After clearing both IPCC (group I & II )

    You can appear for final examination

    Eligibility for exemption from CPT.

    Commerce graduates with 50% marks
    Non-commerce graduates with 55% marks (without maths)
    Non-commerce graduates with Maths with 60%.

    Practical training prescribed by ICAI

    100 Hours of Information Technology Training
    3 years of articled training
    General Management and Communication Skills Course

    CA FEE

    CA fee is around 40000/- to 45000/-.

    for futher information visit : www.icai.org

    good luck !!!!!!!!!

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    The Duration of CA course is not same for all.
    it is depends on the students.
    But mainly the duration of is depends on 4 levels
    CPT it takes minimum 1 year.
    and for IPCC it is compulsory gap of minimum 9 months.
    after that it requires Article ship Training it takes minimum 2 years.
    and after that it final CA exam it takes 1 year.

    But another advantages is that You can continue do B-com.

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    Re: What is the duration of CA course?

    The Indian Chartered Accountancy Course is the membership qualification course offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Any person who wants become a member of ICAI and designate himself as a Chartered Accountant in India has to pass this course.

    Registration Criteria:

    A student who has passed 10th standard examination may register with the Board of Studies. However the student can attempt for the CPT only after appearing for the 12th standard examination.

    The new Course consists of Three main levels:

    1. Level One: Common Proficiency Test (CPT)
    2. Level Two: Professional Competence Course (IPCC) and Practical Training
    3. Level Three: C.A.Final Course

    Eligibility for exemption from CPT.

    Commerce graduates with 50% marks
    Non-commerce graduates with 55% marks (without maths)
    Non-commerce graduates with Maths with 60%.

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