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    What to do after Completing B.A Hons?

    What to do after Completing B.A Hons?

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    Re: What to do after Completing B.A Hons?

    Hi there!
    >>You can choose many of the available options accoding to your area of interest after your BA.
    >>You can have a go at the civil services examination conducted by UPSE.
    >>You can procure some computer course like PGDCA after completion of the same.
    >>You can go for MBA also by qualifying any of the MBA entrance examination like CAT,MAT,XAT
    >>You can prepare for NET/SET examination for being eligible to study B.Ed.

    All the best

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    Re: What to do after Completing B.A Hons?

    There are a number of options after completing your Bachelors in Arts, but you only need to explore them.
    Some of them can be explained as follows:
    1)Post graduation in Arts(M.A)-
    If you feel that you further want to specialize in your own field, then this can prove a very good option for you.There are many students who decide to make
    lectureship as their profession and they prefer to pursue this course.As this course gives them in depth knowledge about the subject matter and they are able to get better
    knowledge about their subject matter.

    2)MBA(Masters of business administration)-
    There are many students that prefer to pursue MBA(Masters of Business Administration) after completing their Bachelor in Arts as this course enables
    them to work in the corporate world and there are immense opportunities offered after this course.

    3)Opting for a job-
    There are numerous students who opt for a job for the purpose of gaining valuable work experience.You can be offered a number of positions for example-
    research analyst, etc. This can prove a great option for you if you want to have a profession in the corporate world.

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    Re: What to do after Completing B.A Hons?

    Hi friend

    After completing B.A hons you can go for two ways.
    One is go for job and the another is for higher studies.

    At first you can go for higher studies for this you can do the following course like -
    1. You can go for M.A which is better for you.
    2. You can go for MBA also which is Master of Business Administration by giving CAT or MAT exam.
    3. You can go admission in B.Ed also.

    You can go for job also for this you can do the following job like -
    1. Banks job.
    2. Railway job.
    3. Or you can go for any companies job.

    Best of luck.

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    after B.A there are various field you may choose out of them,
    if you are having your interest in teaching field them you may go for B. ED over there.
    for it you have to face a exam, now days you may get a good B.ED college easily,
    after B.ED you can appear in state level govt. exam for (II nd and III rd grade),
    and if you want to appear in exams conducted by UPSC then first you should have to go through CTET, there information you can get from:
    you are having B.A Hons degree, that shows you are an intelligent guy over there,
    you my opinion is that you should have to prepare for IAS,
    IPS level exams,
    if you need any help regarding these exams then,
    mail me : lvlr.krishna@gmail.com

    good luck

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