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    What to do after B.Tech -MBA or M.Tech if intersted in doing business?

    interested in business,...mb or mtech after btech?
    I am atudying my btech 3rd year ece ,but I am interested in business.which is better for me whether mtech or mba to align my career in terms of business

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    Re: What to do after B.Tech -MBA or M.Tech if intersted in doing business?

    Hello Friend!
    Since you wish to align yourself into business, I strongly recommend MBA over Mtech, because MTech will only give a boost to your basic technical knowledge, that too, only in a specific area in which you wish to do masters. Where as, MBA, masters in Business and Administrations, will teach you all aspects involved in Business and Administration.

    Just by doing BTech and MTech, one cannot gain the knowledge required to start and manage a business. Plus, One doesn't right contacts at the right time either!

    However in MBA, the student will learn to nurture his business mind and start thinking technical aspects and innovations in the form of business and also gain business handling skills which are ofcourse mandatory to run a business without loss. Also, by undergoing internship during MBA, the student will be able to catch up with the modern world and business standards expected to attract clients and customers.

    To do MBA, one must take on CAT exam, which is an aptitude based exam. So, please practice for CAT exam through question banks and refreshers. Improve your time of solving the problems and try to find out the easiest way to approach a given problem, and you should make it smoothly with adequate practice. If necessary, you can take on CAT training from coaching centers.

    All the Best!

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