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    What to do after B.Sc IT? Should I go for M.Sc (IT) or MCA or CIS (Computer Information System) from university of Fraser valley, Canada?

    Hi Guys. i Am so dam confused what to do after BSC-IT .
    right now i Am in TY(LAST YEAR). i need bit help which way will be best to move on!!
    i want to do MS in computer science or any computer field.
    but for MS 16 degree compulsory.

    so i come up with few idea what to do after BSCIT
    3)CIS(Computer Information System) From university of Fraser valley(Canada).3 sem ie:-12 month. each sem 4 month duration. once i done this i will get four year degree bsc cis
    4)dsk supinfocom video game

    which 1 will be best to go with..
    but i want to do MS later on!!

    if any other idea please share with me..
    Thank u !

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