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    What to do after +2 if I wish to study safety engineering?

    good evening
    Iam studying in +1. I have 50% marks. After finishing +2 i want to take safety engineering. What i want to do?

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    Re: What to do after +2 if I wish to study safety engineering?


    Safety engineering is a new trend for Indian Market and it is widely popular in the middle East countries, The Gulf countries and the American and European Countries. Actually now a days what happens when ever a labor dies while working at the site then the company has to pay him or her a lot of amount as compensation. But now company has taken a initiative and they are appointing safety Engineers so that he checks for all the safety of Labors as well as the company premises

    And that is why it is a emerging trend for India.

    If you want to go for safety Engineering then you can apply for A diploma in safety Engineering which can be done even through prospectus method also. There is no age or percentage limit for the course and every body is eligible for the course.

    Hope it will help


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