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    What is the difference between AU and AS(SS) in Automobile Engineering?

    Hello sir/madam
    what is the difference between AU & AS(ss) in automobile engineering

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    SS stands for sandwich sandwich courses include a period of training where you work in a related industry for a period of time.

    I think normal mech engineering takes 4 years and mech engineering(ss) takes 5 years.
    Youre exactly where I was 4 years ago, I'm graduating in June!!(Mechanical Engineering) Had a hell of a time choosing..heres how i decided.

    its like this..syllabus point of view engineeering has 39 subject over 8 semesters (5 every sem for 1st 7 sems then 4 in the 8th plus a project)..

    AS of 4 years ago, the only difference between the 2 streams was 3 or 4 subjects..other than that just the name on your degree.

    Another thing, there are very few colleges in Mumbai with a good automotive engg. course...infact only one 'A 'grade college "SAboo Siddik " i think.

    mechanical Engg. would be a broader field and you can still pursue automotive design after doing it, also if after 4 years you want to start working, you'll be less restricted with a Mech engg. degree .

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