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    What are the courses, courses and job opportunities related to history?

    I want, as far as possible guidance for history. i don't know any colleges or courses in this field, but i am ready to work hard for it. can u guide me for the courses, career and job opportunities in this field. i m very much frustrated due to lack of guidance. currently i m doing B. com. and passed 11th and 12th with commerce.
    Please guide me about it.

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    Re: What are the courses, courses and job opportunities related to history?

    Hi friend,

    Well friend,There are many career options for you mine friend.

    All colleges that provide arts stream also provides History as a Subject :

    >> Lady Shri Ram College for Women

    >> St. Stephen's College

    >> Loyola College

    >> St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

    >> Christ College, Kolkata

    >> Hindu College

    >> St. Xavier's College , kolkata

    >> Miranda House

    >> Fergusson College

    >> Presidency College

    Scope of History is increasing. There are many job prospects for you guys :

    >> Professor / Lecturer

    >> School Teacher

    >> Civil Services


    >> Jobs in Mass Coummunication channels

    >> Discovery Network

    >> Travel Companies as a Guide for Historic Places

    >> National Geographic Channel

    >> History Channel

    >> News Channels

    >> Banks

    >> Writer and journal writer

    >> As a historian in Magazines

    Best of Luck!! According Times Of India, History has got too much scope in Future.

    Hope it helps!!

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    Re: What are the courses, courses and job opportunities related to history?

    Hello . .

    History deals with the Past .

    The famous things that took place are put down because they are to be remembered . .

    Things that took place are to be known so they are termed as History . .

    Courses In History ::

    Global History

    Writing History in the Digital Age

    The Rise of Modern China

    Islamic Civilisation

    Rituals, Priests & Kings: A History of Hinduism

    Japanese Popular Culture

    Japan & the World

    Modernity in the Islamic World: Radicalism and Democracy

    India from 1600 to Independence: Empires, Factories, Nations

    Culture, Society and Religion in Modern Indonesia

    Job Opportunities Related To History ::

    You can become Archaeologist .

    You can turn into a Historical researcher .

    You can become a teacher .

    You can become a Tour Guide .

    Good Luck

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    Re: What are the courses, courses and job opportunities related to history?

    You can become a history teacher and teach in middle school or high school. A lot more History teachers move on to teach history at the post secondary level. But you have to attain a PHD before you can teach at a post secondary level. Teaching at a post secondary level will give you a lot more time to do research and consulting than if you are teaching at a high school or middle school.

    Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

    The entry requirements in some colleges for a Bachelor of education can be pretty competitive. Whether you are doing certification online courses or attending regular classes. You will need a GPA of at least 3 in order to be admitted into an education program. You will also need to get at least two passes in your GCE. Credits are transferable within colleges. If you have other obligations or commitments you can postpone your programs, though this will make your program a bit longer. You can also be able to change between part time and full time courses.

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