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    What are the course options after B.Sc(Home science)?

    hello sir//mam
    course after bsc home science.

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    Re: What are the course options after B.Sc(Home science)?

    B.Sc. in home science leads to the formatio of professional worker like teacher, researcher, nursing, designer, administrator, social worker etc.

    After B.Sc you must do post graduate course in same specialization.

    In M.Tech, home science is devised in to 5 different fields.
    These are

    1. Home Management
    2. Life span development or child development
    3. Extension education and communication skills
    4. Fundamentals of Textiles and Clothing
    5. Food, Nutrition and Health

    You can proceed with any of the above specialization in M.Sc to do further course and increase job opportunities

    best of luck

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    Re: What are the course options after B.Sc(Home science)?

    I am a student like you and i had home science as a subject in 12th boards. Although i didn't do further studies in home science as i am more inclined towards biology, our teacher did tell us about the career options after studying home science. After BSc in Home science you can go for becoming a nutritionist, fashion designer, health and fitness consultant, chef, go into clothes and textile industry, teaching, production and packaging. if you want to do very well after BSc then please go for an MSc after that(specialisation) so that you get a well paying job. If you want to go for BSc in home science just to get a graduate degree then you can give exams for government jobs after completing your degree like for banks, civil services or defence services.

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