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    What to choose after B.Tech among Gaming, Software engineering and Application development?


    THis is A student from newly Entered to class XII. i want to know that what to choose as mentioned above. for Income and FUn.
    WHAt to chooose After B.tech GAMING/Software Enginerring/ App Developing
    I want to do B.tech. and i m intrested in GAMING but otherwise please suggest me Some idea.
    I will be RESPECTING it.

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    Re: What to choose after B.Tech among Gaming, Software engineering and Application development?

    Hello Dude.............

    Dude as you are of the higher secondary school student you need to complete your 12th with the first class in the mathematics,physics and chemistry branches of study and after that you need to appear for the Engineering course of study for entering in to your wish future,related to engineering....

    Bachelor of Technology course of study in the Computer Science Engineering and Information is better to get in to your future as software engineer/application developer/gaming.
    Dude among all these careers if you take up the software engineering/application development.it would be better for you as the gaming is not having that much prospects and the demand was also less and the jobs are more available for the software engineering.so dude take up the software engineering and in side you can also learn up the animations and can appear for the gaming career prospects....

    There are many other sectors of work which are also available for the candidates after the completion of the computer science engineering and the Information technology some of the areas where you can work are...
    *Software programmer
    *Software assistant
    *Software developer
    *Software tester
    *Database Administrator
    *System engineer
    *Software quality assurance,etc...
    These are some of the different areas where you can take up the carer after the completions of your bachelor of technology course of study and also there are short term courses which are also available for getting in to your preferred career opportunity such as the
    *Multimedia and Animations
    *Gaming developer
    *3D and 2D animations,etc...
    By learning these courses you can get in to your preferred career prospects...

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