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    What are the career prospects for Humanities students?

    I am a humanities stream student.
    future career tell

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    S Venkateshwarulu
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    Re: What are the career prospects for Humanities students?

    Hi Buddy,

    There is always a career related to each and every course of study and it is the determination and hardworking nature in you that determines your future. You can always earn your career with best of your choices. the choice here you are facing with is what to do after you have finished your graduation, i.e

    1. JOB
    2. Higher Education

    1. Job :

    After the completion of your graduation in humanities one of the option would be to search a job. You will be having many options open for u like public sector jobs and private jobs.

    Public Sector jobs : Civil Services, CDS examination, Bank jobs, Lecturer job, etc....

    Private Sector Jobs : Multinational Companies like Mahindra Satyam, TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys, HCL, Capgemini, Dell, etc.....

    2. Higher Education :

    If you have completed your graduation in humanities in any of the following courses like

    B.Sc (Maths)
    B.Sc (Science)
    B.Sc (Computers)
    B.Sc (Electronics)

    Then after your graduation u'll have to go for higher studies such as


    In humanities initially there will be a few hiccups related to less salary or job opportunities but if you gain experience then your career will go on smoothly without any problems.

    You can Choose any of the two options i.e either Job or higher studies but if u join job after graduation it would take you some time to settle down in your career but if you choose higher education then it will help you settle down quickly because of your dual degree and continuous flow of education without break will also help you being focused and achieving higher.

    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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    Re: What are the career prospects for Humanities students?

    After completing graduation in humanities, you can begin your career in different fields like advertising, legal firms, research, business, academic, medicine and other art jobs. The humanities jobs are really high profile and are generally of high salary packages. you can also pursue higher studies like M.A, M.Phill after completing the Bachelor's program.

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