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    What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    what are the obtions of subject to choose being a b.pham. candidate

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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    There are numerous career options after B.Pharm. B.Pharm graduates can find jobs in private and public sector organizations. Candidates can apply for jobs in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies etc. Candidates can also work in the field of quality assurance, clinical research etc. Opportunities also arises in chemical industry, drug control and administration department etc. For jobs in government sector, you can attend UPSC exam for the post of Drug inspector. You can also work in government health departments, as research officers in pathological lab, government bio tech companies etc.

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    Thumbs up Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    Dear friend, there are lot of job options for you.Pharmacy is a healht care profession and at present time this course had achieved good scope for all pharmacy gradutes.There is not only one job there are lot of job options.
    The main plus point for pharmacists is there license certificate which is issued by Pharmacy council of Indai every year, you can apply your certificate to any medical shop.
    Here I am providing you a cart of job options for pharmacist.

    Following are the jobs available for Pharmacy graduates.
    >Quality controller
    >Government Analyst
    >Cheif pharamcist
    >Nutrition officer
    >Medical representative
    >Medical shop

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    Thumbs up Career options for B.Pharm graduate

    Hello Friend

    There are different career options for B.Pharmacy graduate after completion of the course, being a Pharmacy degree holder you can join in different Pharmaceutical industries. But the competition is very high for a B.Pharma graduate so you must strive very hard to get job.

    If you are interested to go for further studies then you can choose options like

    1. M.Pharmacy - It is a 2 years Master Degree program in Pharmacy offering by many colleges in India and entrance through different entrance exams like

    Graduate Aptitude Test in Pharmacy (GPAT)
    National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)
    Banara's Hindu University Entrance Test
    Manipal Entrance Test

    Apart from this there are other state wide M.Pharmacy entrance tests qualifying in which you can join in Master Degree program.

    2. Pharm D: It is actually 6 year Doctorate in Pharmacy program , which can be pursued after the completion of 12th standard. As a B.Pharmacy graduate also you are eligible for Pharm D through later entry scheme you can directly enter into 4 year of the course.

    Apart from higher studies needed to start your career then with your B.Pharmacy Degree you can join in various jobs like

    1. Manufacturing Unit: In Pharmaceutical industries you can join in manufacturing unit department.

    2. Formulation Research and Development (FR&D): you can join as a research associate in fr&d department.

    3. R&D: This is generally for Master Degree holders.

    4. QC/QA: You can join as a Safety Control associate in Quality Control department.

    5. Pharmacovigilance department: you can join as a Drug Safety Associate in PV department.

    6. Package Unit: you can join in the final package unit department.

    So friend like there are many opportunities for a Pharmacy graduate so choose the best option and go for it.


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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    There ar ennumber of career options for b pharmacy students in future. Firstly we eill discuss about the academic career of these students.
    • This is a continuation continuation course of b pharmacy or we ca say masters course.
    • Its duration is 2 years.
    • If yoiu are really intrested in pharmacy you can take up this course.
    • You can pursue your career in research field also.
    PHARMA - D :
    • It is clinical specialisation.
    • It includes 3 years.
    • It helps you to make drug analysis in clinical sector.
    M.B.A :
    • It is pharma management sector.
    • It also includes 2 years.
    • It helps you in management sector

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    oh my friend
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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    what are the obtions of subject to choose being a b.pham. candidate

    hello friend....

    *B.Pharmacy is one of the best graduation course which is having many opportunities in the field of private and government sectors it mainly deals with the drug manufacturing and the chemicals

    *There is good scope for the course the demand for the course is increasing every year as the opportunities are increasing the thing is you have to decide whether you want to go with :-

    --Higher studies


    Higher studies:-

    ==>M.Pharmacy -

    ==>pharma D

    ==>MBA in PHARMA

    M.pharmacy :-

    This is one the best post graduation course which is a 2 years Master Degree and to apply for this course you have to write the entrance examination and you have to qualify by following some eligibility conditions

    Entrance examinations

    --Graduate Aptitude Test in Pharmacy (GPAT)

    --National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)

    --Banara's Hindu University Entrance Test

    --Manipal Entrance Test

    After completion of the masters course you can also do the P.Hd course for the better opportunities in many field with higher salaries

    Job opportunities:-

    *you have many opportunities in the labs and research centers and many like:-

    -Dr.reddys lab

    -Aurobindo labs



    -Quality assurance

    - clinical research

    - chemical industry

    - drug control

    -Administration department

    -Drug inspector

    -Government health departments

    -pathological lab

    -Teaching profession

    all the best......!

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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    Hello friends, there are lots of opportunity after B.Pharma

    you can become:-

    1. Food Inspector

    2. Clinic adviser

    3. Drug inspector

    4. Medical representative

    5. Teacher in pharmacy college

    6. M.Pharma

    7. P.hd

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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    Hi Friend.............

    There are many career options for completing B.Pharm
    They are:-
    2.Pharma D
    3.MBA in Pharma

    Job Opportuinities:

    1.Lectures in Pharma Colleges
    2.Drug Formulations
    3.Project Assistants

    All The Best:

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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    Best is that you go for MBA after B.Pharmacy

    It is possible to do MBA course after the completion of B-Pharmacy.

    In recent days the trend has changed.Many of the candidates soon after the completion of thier B-Pharmacy are making entry into MBA.

    This is because of the excellent job opportunities that are being provided by MBA course.

    Candidates who have completed MBA can make their entry into variety of sector for variety of jobs.

    The admission for MBA course wil be given on the basis of performance in the Entrance Exam. Some institutions will give direct admission depending upon the percentage of marks that the candidates has secured in under graduation.

    Even in MBA also if you are interested, you can go through Pharmacy related specializations like

    - MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

    - MBA in Hospital Management

    Otherwise you can pursue your MBA in traditional specializations like Finance, Marketing and HR.

    good luck . .

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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    There are many options after bpharm ;

    Chief pharmacist
    Nutritionist officer
    Medical representative
    Medical shop
    Government analist
    Quality controller
    Chief pharmacist

    All the best..

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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?

    Pharmacy is a part of the medicine field that relates the chemical science with the health sciences.The job opportunities for aspirants who have finished their graduation in pharmacy are quite high.A lot of employment opportunities are available for aspirants who have accomplished their graduate level course in pharmacy.
    Higher Studies Options-
    Master of Pharmacy
    M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Management Program in Pharmacy
    Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Pharmacy
    Master of Pharmacy in Quality Assurance
    Master in Pharmacy in Biopharmaceutic
    Master of Pharmacy in Bulk Drugs
    Master of Pharmacy in Drug Regulatory Affairs
    Master of Pharmacy in Industrial Pharmacy
    Masters of Pharmacy in Medicinal Chemistry

    Pharmacy field is a very vast and a fast growing sector nowadays.Pharmacy graduates can secure a job in many areas, some of which are listed below
    Health Centers
    Hospitals Chemist Shops
    Drug Control Administration
    Pharmaceutical Firms
    Educational Institutes Sales and Marketing Department
    Research Agencies
    Food and Drug Administration

    There are many multinational companies as well as research facilities abroad that requires experts in Pharmacy. Individuals are taken in fields like this for the purpose of research. Apart from this, students of pharmacy can work as medical transcriptionists.

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    Re: What are the career options for B.Pharm graduate?


    the career options for B.Pharm graduate

    1.govt. analysts
    2.chief pharmacist
    3.medical shop
    4.nutritionist officer
    5.medical representative
    6.quality controller
    7.teacher in pharmacy coll.

    all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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