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    What are the career options for 12th(MEC) students?

    how many cereer options are there mec students in inter???

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    Re: What are the career options for 12th(MEC) students?


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    pabolu manikanta
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    Hello Friend

    It is good to complete your 12th standard with Mathematics, Economics and Commerce as your main subjects as you have gained your idea about these subjects you can have further various streams to complete your higher studies in these streams.

    There are good number of opportunities for you and you can go in different number of ways which suits to your ideas so that you can achieve your goal and can settle well in your life, here dude i will give you some of the details regarding the various streams that you can enter choose the best and go for it

    Commerce Stream :

    1. Accountancy courses : you can join in these courses further after the completion of which you can taken as a company Auditor's and also different firms chief accounting sections there are various accountancy courses like

    - Chartered Accountant
    - Work and Cost Accountant
    - Certified Financial Analyst
    - Certified Financial Planner

    2. Management studies : you can go for doing Diploma in Management studies in various streams like

    - Human Resources Management
    - Brand Management
    - Event Management
    - International Business Management
    - Market Research Management
    - Retail, Marketing and Sales Management
    - Technology Management
    - Travel and Tourism Management..................etc

    3. Finance courses : yo can join in Finance courses and can become a certified Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner.

    4. Insurance sector

    5. Banking sector
    : If you go for Bank exams then with your 12th standard qualification you can apply for the Bank clerk cadre's and also you can go for various posts like

    - Retail banking
    - Personal banking
    - Corporate banking
    - Merchant banking
    - Treasury banking
    - Loans Executive

    6. Company secretary ship courses

    7. Data Management and Network systems

    8. Computers : you can join and work as

    - Software developers
    - web developers
    - Multimedia design
    - Date Base Administrator
    - Data Entry operator
    - Servicing and Maintenance Technician
    - Technology Management.

    9. Hotel Management courses : you can join in courses like

    - Diploma in Hotel Management
    - B.Sc in Hotel Management
    - Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management
    - Bachelor in Hotel Management.

    10. Fashion Technology
    11. Mass Media and Journalism courses
    12. 3D Animation courses
    13. Air Hostess and Aviation courses
    14. Film Making and Acting courses

    so dude there are like this various opportunities for you all you have to select the best one, for any further information you can leave your message here.


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    S Venkateshwarulu
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    Re: What are the career options for 12th(MEC) students?

    Hi Buddy,

    With MEC as your background in intermediate you have good career options ahead of you. I would like to tell you how you can go with your career by choosing which course in graduation and also in post graduation.

    Graduation Courses :

    --> You can choose a course among all the possible graduation courses which you're eligible for applying

    1. B.A
    2. B.Com
    3. B.B.A
    4. B.B.M
    5. B.C.A
    6. B.Sc
    7. C.A

    --> Here depending upon your interest you can go with any of the above mentioned courses.
    --> If you choose to go with Commerce field then you can go with B.A, B.Com, B.B.M, C.A courses.
    --> But students choosing Maths can go with B.B.A, B.C.A, B.Sc courses.
    --> Among all the courses C.A is a professional course by doing which you'll be getting a job after that course.

    Post Graduation Courses :

    --> With each course you choose there will be a post graduation course as well that would suit your career.

    1. M.A
    2. M.Com
    3. M.B.A
    4. M.C.A
    5. M.Sc

    --> If you have opted for commerce in graduation then you can go with M.A, M.B.A, M.Com, etc.....
    --> Similarly for maths you can go with M.Sc, M.C.A.

    Your career lies in your hands only if you choose the correct course then you can get settled based on the job you can get related to your course.
    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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    Re: What are the career options for 12th(MEC) students?

    iam the m e.c student sir iwant to do engeneering sir but i have to elgible to do that sir

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    Re: What are the career options for 12th(MEC) students?

    how can i take up cs course after 12th?and for how long is its duration?

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