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    What are the career opportunities in marketing field?

    careear oppurtunities in marketing

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    Re: What are the career opportunities in marketing field?

    You have lots of option in this.
    You can do BBA, MBA to go in Marketing field.
    Also you can do B com or M Com then you can go
    in this field to become Relation ship Manager and Marketing officer also.

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    Re: What are the career opportunities in marketing field?

    Marketing is a very rewarding career and in this field sky
    is the limit. Marketing is a important aspect for any company
    to promote their products or services in the market.
    In our country we are witnessing a boom in consumer
    market with companies launching new products and
    services in a competitve scenario. In this situation companies
    need hard working and skilled marketing professionals.
    Any field whether banking, insurance, FMCG, consumer
    durables, Electronics, real estate , requires marketing
    professionals for promoting and branding of their
    prdoucts. You can join a company as a executive and based
    on your performance and results you can escalate very fast
    in a organisation.

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    career in marketing is enjoyable and fun. You have many areas of Opportunities in Marketting Field.Few areas were mentioned below as follows:

    * Finance
    * Credit Analyst
    * Account Executive
    * Financial Analyst/Planner
    * Sales Broker
    * Budget Analyst
    * Lending Officer

    * Human Resources and other
    * Employment Recruiter
    * Employee Counselor
    * Training and Development Director
    * Director of Personnel Research

    * Marketting

    * Marketing Administrator
    * Sales Consultant
    * Public Relations Specialist
    * Marketing Coordinator
    * Business Analyst
    * Lobbyist

    * Management
    * Personnel Manager
    * Marketing Manager
    * Executive Director
    * Operations Manager
    * Director of Services

    Join the field in which you have interest.All the Best

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    Re: What are the career opportunities in marketing field?

    Marketing is a field which would never be slow paced in this modern scenario. There are more and more new dimensions which are being added to this field. New and more
    advanced methods are being evolved to attract the prospective customers.

    Marketing is the process used to determine what products and services may be of interest to consumers and the strategy to use in sales , communications and business development.
    It generates the strategy that develop sales techniques, business communication and business developments.It is an integrated process through which companies build strong relationships
    with the customer and create value for their customers and for themselves.

    The term marketing concept holds that achieving organisational goals includes knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. It states that
    to achieve success an organisation should try to know the needs of the consumers of the product and should try to satisfy their wants better than the competitors.With the customer at the focus
    at the focus of its activities, marketing management is an important part of business management.

    The key concepts which are studied under this field includes product distribution, services,retail brand management,market segmentation, market research, marketing strategy,
    marketing management, market dominance, etc.There are various promotional media which are used in marketing for example-printing, publication broadcasting,out of home
    internal marketing,in store demonstration, word of mouth marketing, drip marketing, point of sale marketing, etc.

    Recent approaches in marketing include relationship marketing,business marketing and social marketing, etc.New approach also includes use of internet and therefore called internet marketing
    or e-marketing. online marketing, search engine marketing, etc.A firm in a market survives by producing goods that people are able and are willing to buy.therefore ascertaining
    the needs of consumers is very much essential for a viability of a firm and even if it want to be a going concern.

    As far as the jobs in this sector are concerned, there are lots of jobs available. There is no such big organisation operating in this country or even in this entire world, that does
    not needs marketing to sell its products and services and to meet its targets.And most of the organisations, for the fulfillment of this purpose make a separate department
    called marketing department.And it may be possible that there may be further division of responsibility in this department. So, if you opted this profession, then you can choose
    any particular division according to your personal interests and aspirations.

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