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    Sarvesh sharma
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    What can be done directly after 10th?

    what can be done directly after 10 .,.,.??????????/

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    Re: What can be done directly after 10th?

    It is advisable to pursue 12th standard first. You can pursue diploma courses too. But you should make sure that you join recognised institute like polytechnic for the same. You can choose the subjects based on your interest. After 12th graduation should be the next step. You need to check out if there are any entrance exams for the course you want to join. If you have secured at least 60% in 10th standard then you are eligible to appear for the IBPS clerical post. But you should be over 18 years old for the same.

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    Re: What can be done directly after 10th?

    my dear friends

    in my opinion you should comtinue your study.because there are very chances of gtting jobs after 10th std.

    so for the beteer future you should try for higher studies.but if you are not able to continue your study yhen you should try for govt jobs in railway and banking sector.

    there may be a chance of selection.

    good luck

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    Re: What can be done directly after 10th?

    i think you are asking for job oppurtunities,dear instead of searching for job i advise you to go for further studies.after 10th you can do intermediate or else you can do polytechnic.if you are from low finacial back ground you can opt for polytechnic dear.afetr completing your 12th standard you have good chances a CEO in BPO'S or else can continue for higher studies.but you dont stop your studies after 10th
    all the best

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    Re: What can be done directly after 10th?

    i will pass out my 10th standard and iwant to make my career in merchant navy please guide me with further activity.
    Thanking you

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    Re: What can be done directly after 10th?

    dear sir

    as i had passed 11st. in 2002 now i want to do diploma in mechanical as a i m employee of mechanical engineering company so after that be....as employee can i do diploma through distence ? please suggest acording to our quo. and advise for college also in gujarat..................

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    Talking Re: What can be done directly after 10th?

    Hello my dear friend,

    [COLOR="rgb(154, 205, 50)"]It is reflected from your question that how serious are you towards your career,[/COLOR]

    after class 10 you can give a bit of exam for job oppotunities in private as well as government field.

    And besides job oppotunities you can join colleges for your further education.

    some of the fields which you can do after standard 10 are as follows::::::::

    1## Engeering diploma that is polytecnic

    2## LIC agent.

    3## Or you can give civil services exam or police department exam such as navk, air man, police constable.

    4## Art teacher diploma.

    5## ITI

    6## Railway ticket collector.

    7## Bank insurance or other clerical exam.

    8## Diploma in dance music.

    9## Diploma in farm management.

    10## Interior designing,stenography etc.

    The figure shown below will help your cause

    hope that above information will help you a lot.

    with regards


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    Re: What can be done directly after 10th?

    dear you have to gear up your mind to decide over your career, a complete plan about your future needs to be drawn at this juncture which will in turn determine the course of your professional life ,
    stiff competitions may confuse you ,to weed out the thorns of confusion you need to analyze your
    • interest ,
    • hobby,
    • inclination,
    • potentiality and opportunity.
    give priority to your potential and interest, as darwin said "survival of the fittest"
    do not choose your career under the influence of friends or parents.
    choose your career on the basis o following aspects keeping in mind
    • area of interest,
    • personality,
    • aptitude,
    • assess your strength and weakness,
    • skills,
    • possibility and opportunities.
    • capabilities,
    • nature of work.
    • financial aid and scholarship.
    you have to pay heed to specialized education rather than simple and theoretical .
    various career options;
    career in management,
    business management is today one of the most sought-after career.in this you will be provided lot of opportunity in the form of good remuneration,status and scope of professional and personnel growth.
    you have bachelors degree program like
    • bbm,
    • BBA, and masters degree programme like MBA.
    • areas of work
    • personnel management,
    • finance,
    • production and operation,
    • sales and marketing,
    • management information systems,
    career in computers and IT
    i you have less percentage in your 12th than nothing to be worried lot of options are available for the career .
    without computer , the globalization would not have come into existence because it is one of the most important tools of globalization.
    several professionals as well as undergraduate and post graduate courses ate available in the computers and IT.
    • hardware and networking,
    • PHP development,
    • system administration,
    • internet security,
    • ethical hacking,
    • IT,
    • BCA,
    • MCA,
    for the computer courses above you can join directly after your 12th , no need to give any entrance exams.
    career in engineering,
    if you are a MPC student with maths, physics and chemistry. than you can go for the engineering options by writing the entrance exams like
    • IIT,
    • AIEEE,
    engineering is one of the most preferred career option after the 12th,
    you need to secure 60% of marks in 10+2 to get into elite IIT'S.
    engineering is the combination of mathematics ,science and creativity,
    career in medical
    medical science is one of the noble professions,lot of students like you aspire to become a doctor after 12th . this career gives both name and fame.
    if you want to get admission into MBBS course you need to have subjects like
    • physics,
    • chemistry,
    • and biology(PCB) with 10+2 as the eligibility.
    entrance exams also conducted by the all Indian institute of medical sciences(AIIMS).
    armed forces medical colleges (AIFMC)
    career in commerce
    you can go for the commerce side like ,
    • b.com,
    • BA,
    • ARTS,
    • CA.ETC..
    among all these courses CA haves high demand in the future .this course is very good course compare to all for commerce back ground.
    you need to write
    CPT entrance test for pursuing this course.
    distance education
    if you want to be strong in your professional skills and good career than you can also go for the foreign to make your future bright.
    vocational courses
    the changing of face of technology has increased the demand of specialization in education, vocational education(VET) institutes will impart specialized and practical knowledge to you.
    vocational education training institutes impart graduation and post graduation courses to pursue.
    so dear make your bright and think which career you want to pursue.
    all the best

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