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    What are the biotechnology subjects in Engineering? Job opportunities for Biotechnology students in India?

    biotechnology subjects in engineering
    which are the subjects related in engineering?
    what are the job oppurtunities in India ?

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    Re: What are the biotechnology subjects in Engineering? Job opportunities for Biotechnology students in India?

    Hi aspirant,

    Biotechnology is a successful branch claims to have changed the once starving country to self independent country.
    It boasts of bringing fertility to the uncultivated lands and sprouted flowers of coming fruit on trees.
    The most famous revolution called Green Revolution that increased the production rate of India is the result of Biotechnology.
    It deals with the living Microscopic organisms to develop organic compounds that are built for specific purpose and they are also biodegradable.
    It has taken medical and chemical sciences to new heights by uncovering its depth in fields like
    Recombinant gene technologies
    Applied immunology
    Development of pharmaceutical therapies and diagnostic test

    As India is a farming dependant country there are lot of scopes available for Biotechnology students.
    Numerous prestigious Agricultural, Medical, colleges and even Biochemistry Industries are opting for Biotechnology students such as:

    Pharmaceuticals and drugs researching,
    Environmental Sector,
    Microbiology ,
    Energy or Powerplants,
    Food Manufacturing sector

    Some of the companies you can try for are:

    Rajiv Gandhi Centre For Biotechnology
    Amersham Pharmaceutical Biotech Asia Pacific Limited
    BrainWare Bioinformatics Limited
    Nestem Technologies
    Aristro Pharmaceuticals Limited
    Excel Industries Limited
    National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute
    Sisco Research Laboratories Private Limited
    Biotech Consortium India Limited
    White Apples Consultants
    All India Biotechnology Association
    Ranbaxy India Limited
    Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited
    Bioinfo Biotech Private Limited

    As a vast area of its still under research its syllabus is limited for now.
    For Syllabus please check this attached file:


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