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    What is the best course option after Intermediate (MPC)?

    hello sir/mam
    which is the best inter mpc after which is better?

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    Re: What is the best course option after Intermediate (MPC)?

    Hello friend

    The best courses to do after Intermediate (MPC)

    There are many number courses to do
    You can join B.Tech , if you have atleast 50% marks in MPC
    You can join the best courses in B.Tech like
    Bio- Technology
    Bio - Medical
    Bio - inforamtics
    Mechanical engineering
    Genetic engineering
    Electrical engineering
    Electronics engineering
    Chemical engineering
    Production engineering etc

    There is a lot of scope with these courses, the demand for these engineers will increase day by day
    You can earn a very good salary after completing B.Tech
    You can get the basic as above 25,000 rupees along with benefits like insurance etc
    You can get more and more salary after getting experience
    After getting experience you can go abroad also
    Now a days for getting in foreign countries , they ask to have a minimum 2 - 5 years experience in related field

    The other options you can choose are

    With BCA degree you can get jobs in most of the MNC companies related to computers like
    Dell etc

    Also there are a lot of scope for B.Pharm and B.Arch courses, the demand for them is increasing
    With B.Arch degree you can get into Construction companies mainly for construction designer, team leader posts, project manager etc
    There is a lot good scope for B.Pharm in India and abroad because now a days there is a lot of need for medicines, their research and the pay scale and invest for them is high
    You can good a good salary in India only, along with other countries

    all the best

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