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    What is the average fee for B.Tech course in India?

    hello sir/mam
    in india
    how much fees for Btech per year and scholarships

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    Re: What is the average fee for B.Tech course in India?

    Usually for depends on the government and the scholarship it is providing and also on the college how reputed it is.
    Coming to Andhra pradesh fees depend on the income of that family members .
    Low income group family or below poverty families get the scholar ships by which they can study with that money.
    Fees range from 35,000 to 1,00,000+.

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    Re: What is the average fee for B.Tech course in India?

    First of all , i tell you fee of B.TECH course Depends upon the University to which your college belong to .
    In case of other private colleges , the fee depends on different colleges

    For Government colleges Fees is :- 70,000 to 85,000 per year ( approx )
    For Private colleges Fees is :- 100,000 to 200,000 per year ( approx )

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    Re: What is the average fee for B.Tech course in India?

    Hello friend
    Mainly itís depending on the government and private universities. let me tell you in detail that if you are taking admission in the government then the average fees of per year is 18 to 20 thousand but if you are interested to go in any private college or private universities than you have to give at least 50 to 55 thousand fee per annul and I will also tell you that many of colleges are taking the fees in per semester and the fees which I mention is only the tuition fess in private college or universities they also required the fees related to circular activity , caution money and other different charges like dress , bus or book fees.
    Thanking you and all the best..

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    Re: What is the average fee for B.Tech course in India?

    Dear Friend,

    B-tech is Bachelor of Technology course.

    It requires 12th std.

    After that it requires entrance exam.

    The admission will based on the entrance exam result.

    You can go for the B-tech in various Branch:








    The average fees for B-tech every is 70,000.

    Thank You!!!

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    Re: What is the average fee for B.Tech course in India?

    B.tech fees depends upon the university or college you have joined n most importantly that it is government or private..
    Govt colleges-Fee for government colleges ranges from 30,000-80,000 per annum (approx)
    private colleges and institutions-Fees ranges from 1 lakh to 2 lakh per annum(approx)
    But govt colleges are prefered more than private colleges....

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    Re: What is the average fee for B.Tech course in India?

    The average fees for B.tech course in India depends upon the College and Universities of different states .
    Some B.tech colleges have an average fees between 80,000to 95,000 per year (approx.)
    B.tech is a 4 years course. Government colleges have less fees than private colleges.
    Private colleges Fees is 150,000 to 250,000 per year ( approx )

    But the study materials are not same for both Govt. as well as private colleges.

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    Re: What is the average fee for B.Tech course in India?

    My dear friend.

    It is quite difficult question to answer.

    The fee structure of various colleges for B.Tech is different.

    Normally Government colleges charge less fee as compared to Private Colleges.

    But fee structure basically depends on the university under which the college falls.

    If the college itself is a university then it will have its own fee structure for B.Tech.

    The colleges falling under the same university will have nearly same tuition fee.

    As said above Government colleges are cheaper than the private ones.

    Also they are considered better than the private colleges.

    There is also a greater chance of getting scholarships for bright students.

    The fee for B.Tech college of a government college may vary between Rs. 30000-45000 per semester.

    On the other hand in private colleges it may be Rs. 40000-75000 per semester.

    It may also be more than that.

    So basically it depends upon the college and the university under which a college falls.

    I hope the Information will be satisfactory.

    Thank you.


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