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    University of Allahabad PGAT M.A. in Economics Entrance Exam

    University of Allahabad offers graduate and post graduate programs in different subjects. Candidates who are interested to apply for post graduate programs in this University should appear for Post Graduate Admission Test (PGAT). Candidates should qualify in PGAT so as to gain admission for PG courses in this university.

    Structure and Pattern of University of Allahabad PGAT M.A. in Economics Entrance Exam

    The structure of this entrance examination will consist of short answer type and medium answer type questions. The word limit allowed for short answer type question is 50 words and medium type answer question is 150 words. The total time limit allotted in this entrance examination is 90 minutes.

    Syllabus of University of Allahabad PGAT M.A. in Economics Entrance Exam is as follows -


    Economic Theory
    • Consumers’ Behavior
    • Factor Pricing
    • Price Theory
    • Theory of Production
    Macro Economics
    • National Income, its measurement and limitations, nature of National Income accounts in closed and open economies
    • Theory of Employment
    • Uses of National Income Analysis
    Development and Planning
    • Meaning, Measurement and Indication of Development
    • Selected Theoretical prescription of development
    Money Banking and Public Finance
    • Concepts and components of money supply
    • Inflation and theories of inflation
    • Taxation
    • The quantity theory of money
    Economic Analysis
    • Alternative theories of Firm Equilibrium
    • Hicks Hansen Elaboration of IS-LM-An elementary analysis
    • Limitations of the Keynesian consumption function and alternative specifications
    • Oligopoly
    • The criticism of Marginalist approach to the theory of the Firm
    • The Harrod Problem
    • Theory of investment
    • Welfare Economics
    International Economics
    • Exchange Rate
    • Free Trade and Protective Trade
    • Instruments of Protection
    • Terms of Trade
    • Theories of International Trade

    Indian Economy
    • Analysis and performance of recent plans.
    • General Strategies, objectives and performance of recent plans
    • Nature and symptoms of under-development, main features of Indian economy
    • Planning
    • The Agricultural Sector
    • The Industrial Sector
    • The Reserve Bank of India
    India’s Economic Policy
    • Agricultural Policy
    • Commercial Policy
    • Industrial Policy in India
    • Multinational corporations and industrial growth
    • Policy for small-scale industries
    • Private Foreign investment in Indian Industries and its Regulation
    • Strategies towards removal of un-employment and under employment
    • Collection and representation of data
    • Measures of Dispersion
    • Nature of Statistics
    • Nature and use of Index Numbers
    • Measures of Central Tendency
    Eligibility criteria of University of Allahabad PGAT M.A. in Economics Entrance Exam

    Graduation is the required qualification to apply for University of Allahabad PGAT M.A. in Economics Entrance Exam. Candidates should posses a B.A degree in Economics from a recognized institute to apply for this exam. It is necessary to score 50% in B.A course so as to apply for this entrance exam.

    Contact address of University of Allahabad PGAT M.A. in Economics Entrance Exam
    • Address – Director - Post Graduate Admission Test - PGAT 2011, University of Allahabad, Allahabad – 211002, Uttar Pradesh
    • Phone numbers -7388404617, 9453357711
    • Website – www.allduniv.ac.in

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