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    Which type of questions will be asked in O.P interview?

    which type question shoud be mosly in o.p. interview
    reply me fast

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    Re: Which type of questions will be asked in O.P interview?

    Dear Student,
    you will be asked questions like :
    1.about yourself-to make you comfortable and learn about your background,your qualifications,experiences and attributes.
    2.about your experience to the type of job you are going to be in -to find out if are really fit for the job.
    3.your purpose to work there-to find out what you know and like about the organisation.
    4.your reasons for leaving the last job(if you have left).
    5.your expected salary-to find out how close you are to the pay they are willing to .
    6.your number of absent in the last job
    7.your health status
    8.your strength and weakness
    9.your long range goals.
    10.if you can work under stress conditions or not.
    11.your greatest achievement
    12.some illegal questions like about human rights act
    13.your response to a counter question.
    14.what would you do in some sort of situation.
    15.your questions.

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