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    Which type of courses can I learn after B.Tech?

    which type of courcse i want to learn after my b.tech
    now i completed b.tech third year up to now i had 65% after completing b.tech shall i have chance to write the entry exams for government jobs

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    Re: Which type of courses can I learn after B.Tech?

    There is no need to pursue any separate course for attending government exams. Government often recruit B.Tech holders in to the position of Management trainee, Graduate engineer Trainee, etc. Entrance exams for these job positions covers topics studied under qualifying B.Tech course. In certain cases one can expect questions on Reasoning, QA, etc. There may be questions on language test also. First of all you have to collect syllabus specified for particular exam. Then according to that you can self prepare for exams or can approach a coaching center.

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    Re: Which type of courses can I learn after B.Tech?

    If you have interest in computers and softwares then you can learn hacking and java programming and linux operation. These three courses are very much useful in getting job and today mostly engineering college doesn't teach you about these courses. If you learn these courses , you will surely get a good job. To learn Ethical Hacking is a tough thing but once you learn this, then you have lots of jobs in private as well as government sector.

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    Re: Which type of courses can I learn after B.Tech?

    hello friends
    after B.Tech
    you can Janine M.Tech
    prepare for government jobs
    prepare for CIVILS
    prepare for bank jobs
    more other future in your life after B.Tech

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    Re: Which type of courses can I learn after B.Tech?

    Hello friend,
    after B.tech you can join in VLSI design course, Embedded Systems course or Main frames course.
    Once you complete any course you will have definitely job opportunities.
    For govt. jobs there is no need to do any course, but you have to prepare yourself or take coaching for the job.

    All the best.

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    Re: Which type of courses can I learn after B.Tech?

    There are several courses which can be opted by you after completing your B.Tech(Bachelors of technology).
    For example you can opt for-
    M.Tech- in the field of your choice.This would greatly help you in enhancing your knowledge level and understanding of the subject matter.Moreover you would get better
    jobs and opportunities after completing the course.

    MCA(Masters of computer applications)-You can also opt for MCA (provided you have a good knowledge of computer applications and are comfortable with the subject matter)
    as this can land you in a highly paid job.

    You can choose other options for example for the time being you can work to get valuable work experience, etc.

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