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    Tips for scoring high marks in Intermediate exams.

    good morning
    give Tips for scoring high marks in Intermediate exam.
    thank you.

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    Re: Tips for scoring high marks in Intermediate exams.

    how to i get high marks 95 percent in intermediate exams.

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    Re: Tips for scoring high marks in Intermediate exams.

    Dear friend,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Tips to get good marks in intermediate exams:-

    1.Firstly be confident that your hard work fetches you good result and start your work with this notion.

    2.Secondly try to improve your attention or concentration time period by which you can gain more in a little time period.

    3.See that you concentrate on only one thing at a timer.By this I mean that donot think about your friends and other elements of enjoyment while you are studying.Study strictly with the passion of reading althougth for a little time perid.

    4.Any person cannot concentrate for more than two hours on a single element so try to make regular spans of breaks and get regenerated and sgain study with more passion.

    5.Prepare your self a time -table at home and try to follow it.Make sure that you have regular required breaks for regeneration.

    6.You have to gain a commandon your be strict to your self and follow the time table and do read in the early hours of the day.Its the time when your concentration in the peak levels.

    7.Study the tougher parts with more concentration and easier parts with more ease.This helps you a lot.

    8.Refer previous year papers regularly so that you could know the weightage of a topic and read according.

    9.Bound your self to the syllabus and accordingly from the prescribed texts and notes .

    10.Pay equal concentration on your health because it comes primarily.Although yu are well prpared you cannot give your best if you donot have a healthy brain with a healthy body.

    Hope the information helped you.

    All the best.

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