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    Tips to make a decision about MBA specialization.

    Tips to make a decision about MBA specialization.
    thank you.

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    Sreeram B
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    Re: Tips to make a decision about MBA specialization.


    MBA stands for Master of Business Administration.MBA course is having huge demand in the world.Almost all the engineering graduates are showing interest towards management education that too they are competing for doing MBA in top management institutes.They all are competing for MBA course is just because of opportunities in the market.MBA graduates are having huge chances in the market to find opportunities with huge packages.Recently one of the student from Indian Institute of Management-Ahmadabad has got an offer with 1 crore package from one foreign company.So you can understand how much demand is there for management graduates in the world.Now candidates are facing problem with choosing the specialization n their career.When ever Your choosing a specialization,go with the subject in which You are having good knowledge that will be a major subject and the Subject in which You are having some what idea about the subject that will be a Minor subject.

    Specializations in MBA Course:

    Operations management
    Systems management
    IT Management
    Project management
    Sports management
    Event management
    Entertainment management
    Media management
    Oil management
    Fashion Management
    Marketing management
    Finance management
    Logistics management
    Supply chain management
    International Business
    Textile management
    Banking management
    Retail management
    Hospital management

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Tips to make a decision about MBA specialization.

    Hi Dude......

    MBA(Master of Business Administration)
    MBA is one of the post graduate degree course which is generally done after completing your Degree course or the graduation and this Post graduate degree course is generally done for 2 years full time course.There are many college and universities which are popular for the MBA course.There are many specializations which are available in the MBA Degree course such as....
    >>MBA in Finance
    >>MBA in Marketing
    >>MBA in Information Technology
    >>MBA in Consultancy
    >>MBA in Human Resource Management
    >>MBA in Operations
    >>MBA in Media
    >>MBA in Telecommunications
    >>MBA in Hospitality and tourism
    >>MBA in Health Care management
    >>MBA in Enterprenurship
    These are some of the MBA Specializations available and out of these specializations there are top specializations which will bring you up the bright future and choose the best MBA Specializations on the basis of the current business world and also the one which is always top.....

    How to choose good Specialization:
    The most standard specializations are Marketing,Finance,HR,Operation,IT.
    *Select the specializations in which you had interest first of all
    *Choose the path which will bring the most important and incredible future for your career..
    *Choose the path in which there is lots of demand and in which there are more job opportunities
    *Among all the branches of study MBA in Finance had much impact of demand because there is always full growth in MBA in Finance as there is no downfall for the MBA in Finance study......
    So,select the branch in which there is lots of demand and in which there are full impact in the business world and not only in India and also in Abroad....

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