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    Tips to improve marks in 12th Physics.

    Give some tips to improve my marks in Physics.

    thank you..

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    Re: Give some tips to improve my marks in 12th Physics.

    hello friend

    if you wants to inprove yourself in physics subjects then you will have to do some of the following steps to secure good marks in 12th std

    they are as below-->>

    1.make time table and follow them.

    2.study regularly.

    3.solve previous years papers.

    4.join test series.

    5.read NCERT textbooks very deeply.

    6.eat healthy foods.

    7.be confident.

    hope it will help you alot.



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    Re: Give some tips to improve my marks in 12th Physics.

    some important tips to improve your marks in physics are:
    learn the concept and take example of each because every thing is related to science
    learn physics early in the morning
    so that you can increase your memory power
    write the equations in one rough notes so that can be able to identify your mistakes easily after you had learn particular concept
    it is better to give up mugging habbit because it never last for long time
    think that gaining knowledge is more important than gaining marks and try to read your lessons conceptual wise
    all the best.

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    Re: Tips to improve marks in 12th Physics.

    hello guest,


    1. physics is full of calculations so your maths basics should be good

    2. before starting any chapter, you should read the chapter objectives and purpose to reading it. this will help in moulding your outlook properly.

    3. revising the chapters that you have already done is very important as chapters in physics are interlinked. With proper revision ,your basics will always remain crystal clear. and before attending your physics class try to read the topic which is going to be covered as it will make understanding easier and faster as well. you will be able to grab more.

    4. problem solving is very important in physics as it checks your core basics, so in every study session try to solve as much problems as you can.

    5. when solving a problem , try to find out the principle on which it is based. this will help to develop your analytical skills.

    6. always try to solve problems with the help of diagrams. doing similar problems with same difficulty level will not fetch you anything. slowly and gradually increase the difficulty level

    7. refer to more than one type of books while studying

    8. To make physics more interesting, keep relating it to your day today life. Look for situations that illustrate what you are learning

    9. the crux of all the points is that you really need to practice a lot. It is a very interesting subject. Just keep your focus and keep working hard

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