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    Is there any scope for B.Des course?

    hello sir/mam
    is there any scope for B.Des?

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    Re: Is there any scope for B.Des course?

    Hello friend,
    You have lot of opportunity after completing B.Dse in almost all design companies.

    The scope of B.Des Fashion Communication is:
    • It gets you a good job in fashion industry.
    • You can become a writer on fashion industry and get a job in media.
    • They help designers by making them understand the latest fashion trends so that they can make clothes accordingly.
    • You can persue higher studies in fashion and designing.
    • You can do in-depth study of various fashion trends and write about them.
    • Since, you have good communication skills and the require know how, you can form your own links and start your own business in fashion and clothing.

    The scope of B.Des. Apparel Production is:
    • It is very easy to get a job. You can find a job in both public and private sector. You can even move abroad after this course.
    • It gives you a chance to study both designing and production of garments. You are more confident about manufacturing your designs since you achieve good knowledge in the area of production. It helps you to start your own business and run it in an organized manner. You can not only start your own line of clothing but also run a wholesale and retail business after this course.
    • It gives you a chance to understand the latest trends in designing of apparels.
    • It opens avenues for you to go for higher studies and gain specialized knowledge.
    • You get a chance to design for celebrities and woo them with your creations.
    • You can easily find a job in textile industry.
    • You can teach in colleges and institutes about various aspects of designing and production of clothing.
    • With your knowledge of both design and production you can create both designs and manufactured clothes at special request at a very short notice and can even arrange quick alterations for your clients.


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    Re: Is there any scope for B.Des course?

    what are the scope after B.Des?

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