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    Are there any job opportunities for those with knowledge of Foreign Languages? Can I settle well if I learn any foreign language? What are the languages which are currently in demand? Also suggest few good institutes for same.

    I have completed my B.A (English) four years back and have worked in BPO companies for more than 2 years now. I don't want to work in this field anymore, after trying to understand different career oriented courses I have come to the conclusion of learning some of the Foreign languages and taking that as a career because it interests me and i am confident of learning that. But still i don't have clear insight of scope about this course.
    Are there really any job opportunities available ?
    If i continue to do any further studies can i settle in this field, if yes what are those courses?
    What are the languages in demand currently which provides me job opportunities?
    Also please give me more information on the best institutions that provide training on foreign languages(I don't prefer distant education and i live in Bangalore)


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