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    Tell me the procedure for doing Ph.D from US? How much does it cost for completing Ph.D from US?

    Sir/Mam Please tell me the procedure for doing PHD from US and how much is the cost for completing PHD from US?

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    Hello Friend

    Here's the procedure for pursuing M.S / Ph.D in U.S.A

    GRE & TOFEL : Standard tests

    GRE official site : www.gre.org
    TOFEL official site : www.toefl.org

    If you want to pursue Ph.D from USA or Canada you need to appear for GRE and as you are not a native of english language you also appear for the TOFEL irrespective of your course and stream you had completed in past.

    Graduate Record Examination ( GRE ): General Test

    It measures your Analytical writing, verbal, Quantitative skills that have acquired a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study.

    Analytical writing consists of critical thinking and writing skills assess your ability to articulate and compose ideas, argument and sustain a focused and coherent discussion.

    Verbal section measures ability to analyze and ability to evaluate the written material and synthesize information obtained from it.

    Quantitative section measures your basic mathematical skills your elementary mathematical concepts and solving the problems.

    Preparation material for GRE widely used books are BAROON's GRE, ARCO, Princeton review, KAPLAN etc..... ETS also provides you good knowledge about the GRE.

    TOFEL Testing program :

    Test of English Foreign Language measures ability of nin native speakers of English to use and understand the North American English as it is used in the University settings, score tests are required by more than 4300 universities.

    The test is offered on computer through out most regions of the world where the computer access tests is administered.

    Preparation material for TOFEL widely used are BAROON's TOFEL, CLIFFS, etc

    So dude these are tests that you should qualify before you choose to pursue your career in abroad, for more information you can go through the following link


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