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    Tell about ICWAI admissions, Eligibility, Study Centers.

    Tell about ICWAI admissions, Eligibility, Study Centers.

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    Re: Tell about ICWAI admissions, Eligibility, Study Centers.

    dear cost and management accountancy is a challenging profession which provides numerous scope and tremendous opportunities by way of independent practice and employment in the areas of
    • accounting
    • auditing,
    • financial planning,
    • financial analysis,
    • management consulting and performance management ,
    • corporate finance,
    • project evaluation,
    • venture capital,
    • company and other business laws,
    • taxation,
    • and corporate governance ,
    over the years ICWAI has emerged as a leading professional institute in india and the second largest management accounting body in the world with focus on knowledge,
    training and research in the field.
    the ICWA is recognized by the government of India as a scientific and industrial research organization.
    this is also toughest courses and highly payable in the world ,
    the cost and work accountants of India is a premier ,and dynamic professional institution ,this is very good course to opt because it provides the service to the nation , government and industry,
    the ICWA is a professional qualification, you have to pass this exam it was very important to you.
    the main functions of ICWAI is
    development and regulation of the cost and management accountancy profession in India.
    you have to develop and promote the adoption of scientific methods in cost and management accountancy,
    here are details regarding the eligibility and other details so that you can clarify your doubts.
    there will be three courses like
    • foundation course and
    • intermediate course
    • final course
    foundation course
    you should have 17 years of age with 10+2 recognized by the board,
    the cost of fees you need to pay is rs.200/-
    intermediate course
    the age shouldn't be less than 18 years of age, and you have to pass degree examination of any recognized university,
    you have to pay the fees rs.200/-
    the exam is generally conducted twice in a in the month of December and June,
    December exam is conducted in 10 to 17,
    and June in 11 to 18,
    the applications are available in institute head quarters.
    the syllabus for this exam is:-
    foundation course,
    • paper-1 organization and management fundamentals,
    • paper2 accounting
    • paper-3 consists of economics and business fundamentals,
    • paper-4 business mathematics and statistics fundamentals,
    • paper-5:-financial accounting,
    • paper-6:-commercial and industrial laws and auditing,
    • paper-7:-applied direct taxation ,
    • paper-8:-cost and management accounting,
    • paper-9:-operation management and information systems,
    • paper-10:-applied indirect taxes,
    final course
    • paper-11:-capital market analysis and corporate laws,
    • paper-12:-financial management and international finance,
    • paper-13:-management accounting and strategic management,
    • paper-14:-indirect taxes,
    • paper-15:-management accounting,
    • paper-16:-advanced financial accounting and reporting,
    • paper-17:-cost audit, operational audit and ethics,
    • paper-18:-business valuation management,
    getting through the different stages of ICWAI examination is a bit tougher,so you have to search good coaching institutes for this course
    • coaching institutes are
    • excellent coaching,
    • sidharth academy,
    • edu ex,
    the above three are the best colleges in india
    so dear all the best.

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    Re: Tell about ICWAI admissions, Eligibility, Study Centers.

    I am 41 years M.Com. can I register in ICWA

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    Re: Tell about ICWAI admissions, Eligibility, Study Centers.

    Hello friends ......

    ICWAI - Institute of cost & works accounts of India

    It tells activities of an organization by your expertise in field.

    It tells depth knowledge & perspective to manage business.

    Eligibility :

    complete your graduation in any discipline from a recognized university.

    you are a graduate you can directly apply for Intermediate Course.

    All the examinations are held twice a year ,One in June and another in December.

    The dates of starting of application is notified on ICWAI website itself.

    If You want to join in this course in june and january

    Once you are enrolled for the course then you can submit application for that particular exam.

    Duration :

    Min 2 years Max 5 years

    ICWAI final passed candidates can complete the course in one year

    Many coaching centers are there like srimedha,superwikz,Gurukrupa.....

    All the best

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    Re: Tell about ICWAI admissions, Eligibility, Study Centers.

    Re: Tell about ICWAI admissions, Eligibility, Study Centers.,,,


    Pl go through my attachment for details

    Thank you
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