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    Telengana University PhD in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    In order to apply for PhD course in Telengana University, candidates need to first complete post graduation. As part of the selection process for this course, an entrance examination will be conducted by the university. Candidates should clear this exam so as to apply for PhD course in this university.

    Structure and Pattern of Telengana University PhD in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    Telengana University PhD in Chemistry Entrance Exam will have two sections.
    • Section – A - 10 questions – 5 marks each
    • Section – B – 5 questions -10 marks each
    Time duration of 180 minutes is given to complete answering both the sections in this entrance exam.

    Syllabus of Telengana University PhD in Chemistry Entrance Exam is as follows -

    Bonding Theories of Metal Complexes
    • Spin orbit coupling
    • Orbital contribution to magnetic moment
    • Molecular orbital theory
    • Magneto Chemistry of Metal Complexes
    • Magnetic susceptibility measurement
    • Magnetic properties of metal ions
    • Factors affecting the magnitude of crystal field splitting
    • Crystal field theory
    • Recemization and recemic modifications
    • Principles of chemical reactivity
    • Partial and absolute asymmetric synthesis
    • Molecular symmetry in organic molecules
    • Introduction to stereo selective synthesis
    • Concept of dynamic enantiomerism and atrop-isomerism
    Oxidations and Reductions
    • Reductive removal of functional groups
    • Reductive C-C (single) bond and C=C (double) bond formation
    • Reactions of alkenes with singlet oxygen
    • Oxidation of C=C with transition metal oxidants
    • Hydride reduction
    • Hydride donors
    • Epoxidation and subsequent transformation of epoxides
    • Cleavage of glycols
    • Allylic oxidation with transition metal oxidants
    Reaction Mechanism
    • Study of nucleophilic substitutions
    • Selective organic name reactions
    • Rearrangement reactions
    • Mechanism in aromatic necleophilic substitutions
    • Investigation of reaction mechanisms
    • Formation and stability of carbonium ions
    • Elimination reactions
    • Darzens condensation
    Organometallic Compounds
    • Synthesis, structure and bonding of olefin, allyl and cyclopentadienyl organometallic compounds
    • Hydrogenation, Hydroformylation and isomerization processes
    • Classification and nomenclature of organometallic compounds
    • Application of organomtallic compounds
    • 18-electron rule and stability of organo transition metal compounds
    Heterocyclic Chemistry
    • Synthesis, properties, comparative study and reactivities of furan, pyrrole and thophene
    • Synthesis and reactivity of indole, pyridine, quinoline, isoquinoline, coumarin, pyrazoles, imidazoles, isozxazoles, pyrimidines
    • Classification of the heterocycles
    Bioinorganic Chemistry
    • Physiological significance of haemoglobin
    • Oxygen transport and storage
    • Metals in medicine
    • Metal ions in biological systems
    • Effect of metal ions concentration and physiological effects
    • Chelate therapy
    Reagents in Organic Synthesis
    • Wilkinson’s catalyst and Baker’s yeast
    • Trimethylsilysliodide
    • Reagents in organic synthesis and functional group transformations
    • Phase transfer catalysts
    • Merrifield resins
    • Lithium diisopropyl amide
    • Dicyclohexyl carbodiimide
    • 1, 3-dithianes
    Vibrational Spectroscopy
    Raman Spectroscopy
    NMR Spectroscopy
    Mass Spectroscopy
    ESR Spectroscopy
    Electronic Spectroscopy

    Eligibility criteria of Telengana University PhD in Chemistry Entrance Exam

    Post graduation is the basic qualification required to apply for Telengana University PhD Entrance exam. Candidates should have post graduation in Chemistry so as to apply for this exam. 55% marks in PG level is compulsory so as to apply for this exam. On the other hand, candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC category need to score only 50% marks as they are given relaxation in marks.

    Contact address of Telengana University PhD in Chemistry Entrance Exam
    • Address – Telengana University, Nizamabad-503322, Andhra Pradesh
    • Phone - +91-8461-222220
    • Fax - +91-8461 - 222212
    • Email id - tu@telanganauniversity.ac.in
    • Website - www.telanganauniversity.ac.in

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