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    Suggest good study material for SET preparation?

    Suggest good study material for SET preparation?

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    There were many good study material for SET Preparation.Few good books were mentioned nbelow as follows:

    * SET exam consists of two stages –Written test followed by Interview.
    * Marks you score in SET Written test is not carried forward but is just used for screening candidates for Interview.
    * Final selection is based on the performance in the interview only.

    This exam consists of 150 questions........
    You can prepare previous papers and practice well so that you hhave some idea.Before practicing just use time as you may aware of Time Management.....

    Text Books on General Knowlege

    Textbooks by G.K.Publishers....

    The above books will help you to score good percentage in your set exam.....


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    Re: Suggest good study material for SET preparation?

    Some GOOD Books For Preparation:-

    General Biology
    Biological Science by N.P.O Green, G.W. Stout and D.J. Taylor
    Text Book of Biology: NCERT XI and XII

    Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry by Nelson and Cox
    Biochemistry by Lubert Stryer, J.M., Berg and J.L. Tymoczko
    Principles and Techniques by Keith Wilson and John Walker
    Modern Experimental Biochemistry by Rodney Boyer

    Microbiology: Fundamental and Application, by Ronald M. Atlas,
    Microbiology by L.M. Prescott, J.P. Harley and D.A. Klein

    Genetics: A Molecular Approach by T.A. Brown
    Principle of Genetics by E.J. Gardner, M.J. Simmons and D.P. Snustad
    Genes IX by Benjamin Lewin

    Cell and Molecular Biology
    Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments by G Karp
    The Cell by Bruce Albert

    Immunology by Janis Kuby

    Recombinant DNA Technology
    Gene Cloning and DNA analysis by T.A. Brown
    Plant Tissue Culture by M.K. Razdan
    Biotechnology by B.D.Singh

    Human Physiology
    Review of Medical Physiology by William F. Ganong

    Plant Physiology
    Plant Physiology by Salisbury and Ross

    Ecology and Evolution
    Text Book of Biology: NCERT XI and XII
    Basic Ecology by E.P. Odum

    Developmental Biology by Scott F. Gilbert
    Embryology by Bhojwani and Bhatnagar

    Text Book of Physics: NCERT XI and XII

    Text Book of Chemistry: NCERT XI and XII

    you can buy some competition books of your SET related subject upkar publication is the best. And you can watch old paper also. you can download old paper on ugc website-ugc.ac.in


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