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    Suggest a good front end programming course with Oracle. Java or .NET?

    I am a B.tech graduate(fresher) and currently doing an oracle course.I am thinking of doing a front end programming course with oracle bt confused wether to go for .net or java.plz give ur valuable suggestions.

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    Re: Suggest a good front end programming course with Oracle. Java or .NET?

    I suggest you go for Java. There's a hidden reason in it where not many may know it.
    .NET is the product of Microsoft. So they provide there own tools for front-end as well as back-end i.e (database)
    .NET provides Visual studio - a software for making windows-based and web applications or websites.
    And for back-end they provide SQL-Server if you are are aware of it.
    Now, the issue arises is Microsoft don't allow any foreign database to get connected with them, because
    there dll files are so designed. Now you say that you want oracle as a backend.
    If you use oracle with .net, there will be connectivity i.e you will be able to store or retrieve data successfully
    but, a time will come where you will not be able to use all the functionalities of oracle. (i.e, not all queries support in oracle for .Net)

    So, I suggest you to go for Java because it's not open-source but it's like open-source. In java you will be able to successfully
    fire your queries and you will not get any problem ever because, The inventors of Java - Sun Microsystems have now changed
    there systems and joined with the oracle. Since 1.2 years Java and oracle both are under oracle -corporation.


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