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    Suggest few best options for a 2009 batch B.Tech graduate with 1 year gap due to accident in early career?

    Hi Puys.
    I am not the happiest guy to be asking help on a funny,informative and a leading career forum but as much i resist to say that here more i find it okay saying it.

    I am not happy as the career growth unfolds for me...i passed out from one of the country's finest engineering colleges in 2009 and was selected for TCS and NIC..right before i could actually join the training programme for NIC that i had chosen to go for i met with an accident and was bed ridden for almost a year...with that it became quite obvious that i wouldn't be able to work as they declined to finally hire me. I gathered all the courage and went for interviews and started preparing for MBA entrances that i had planned earlier after a 2 yr work experience...finding a job with almost dysfunctional body wasn't at all easy...it took its toll and i had to resort to a favorable means of earning bread-working as an insurance executive for a U.K based company(work from home) all this while i tried to get my attention towards my MBA studies and other tech topic but miserably failed to do so.

    Now that I've already wasted so much time it again becomes hard for me to even begin things from the beginning...also i have a feeling that my brain would be an epic failure if i would want to get creative with things,may be because I'm lagging on so much that things would pose so many uncertainties. And adding to my agonies i see all my friends completing 2 years in office,followed by my juniors

    I do not know whether i should be going forward with what i know little now,from my college days.Or should i change the vertical altogether;should i be going for some specialized software course or a management course or prepare for MBA or may be start a consultancy...if at all it is possible for you fellas out there to help with advices for each option given I'll be damned with happiness.

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    Re: Suggest few best options for a 2009 batch B.Tech graduate with 1 year gap due to accident in early career?

    Hi Puneet,

    First of all do not get dejected. There are many openings for a B.tech graduate. But as you are a 2009 pass out it is difficult to get into a software company. But if you still have the will of working in IT industry then you better do some software courses. There are many software courses like testing, JAVA, DotNet, Informatica, Cognos etc. You can also do hardware and networking course if you are interested. Just join a good coaching centre where they guarantee you placements. And make sure that you study well in the course so that they do not deny you any placements quoting that you have not upto your mark.

    All the Best.

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