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    Suggest any interesting topics in Natural sciences for doing Ph.D

    suggest some interest topics in natural sciences for doing ph.d

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    Re: Suggest any interesting topics in Natural sciences for doing Ph.D

    [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Hi aspirant,

    Natural Sciences deals with the environmental produced resources.
    Starting from the daily requirements they also are our only hope for future.
    They have been controlling transportation, vegetation, Industry, households, Interior of houses, crafting, etc.
    Some of the interesting topics you can opt for:
    @> Petroleum Science
    @> Mining Science
    @> Chemical Science


    This discipline provides a candidate to learn and understand the working of petroleum industry. Students in this field basically learn the way to do research, discover and develop natural sources of oil and examine it.
    To ease the difficulties during extraction engineers design and develop machines and equipments to extract and process the oil procedure.

    Engineers of this branch are recruited into
    Drilling engineer posts
    Production engineer posts
    Reservoir engineer posts

    Mining science can also be as mineral science.
    It deals with the study of application, techniques to extract and process valuable minerals from natural surroundings.
    Process of extraction involves extraction of non-metallic as well as metal ores of all kinds and solid fuels and energy sources such as coal and nuclear material.

    There is a wide range of jobs offered in this particular sector:
    Ores exploration sector
    Feasibility checking Sector
    Ores Extraction sector
    Mineral Production
    Procession of Refinery sector
    Marketing Sector
    Land restoration sector
    Rehabilitation sector
    Mine Ventilation sector

    Chemical science is for those candidates who have an aptitude and the dedication to work with chemicals.
    This sector of involves designing, development and maintenance of chemical plants and processes.

    It is greatly demanded over the area of
    It is combines chemistry with technology and principles of engineering to achieve new products. It has made things more cheaper and more convenient to use
    It has solved problems to such level that their importance and benefits cannot be ignored.

    Students of computer science after completion of course can indulge themself in:
    Remunerations projects
    Pharmaceutical companies
    Water treatment
    Waste Management

    There are also more courses you can join, but these were the most demanded courses of natural science.


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