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    Which subject should I take in 11th between PCB and Commerce? I am interested to become a lawyer (or) IAS/IPS other than Doctor (or) Engineer.

    plzz dont say PCM i hate maths.. n i dont want to be an Engineer .. n if i also dont want to go in the medical stream and dont want to be a doctor dn wat should i take.. i want to be a lawyer , judge or IAS , IPS officer.. then.? i hav intrest in biology.. i reallly like bio but i dont want to go in the medical stream.. so i think if i took bio. it will block my future rite..? as i dont want to go in a medical stream.. i should take commerce rite.??..so dat i will get more options in future..lyk MBA,CS,CA..etc. but i hate maths.. n commerce have maths rite..? in accounts..so dats y i hate accounts i think it will cause problem for me in future..? god m so confused plzz help me.. i will give 10 points i promish..!!
    i want more opitons.. before me.. so just in case.. i want to do.. just more dn thses civil services..? like mba.. or etc. so.. if i took comm. i will have more options.. before me rite..?

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