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    Which specialization should I choose for MBA with science background?

    hai.. i am doing regular mba in coimbatore.i did science group in schooling and i have finished b.sc computer science.so i am very much confused to choose the specialisation.pls suggest me....

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    Re: Which specialization should I choose for MBA with science background?

    i have done omputer enginerring...n i m confudes between wt specilisation shld i tak??????ie between finance,systems,HR...can u help me out

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    Sreeram B
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    Re: Which specialization should I choose for MBA with science background?

    Hello My Dear Aspirant,

    MBA stands for Master Of Business Administration.MBA Will help You for getting good opportunities in Your Career.But If Possible try to do MBA From Top Business Schools where You will be having more scope to get number of good opportunities.You can choose any one of the Below Specializations;

    1.Marketing management
    2.Finance management
    3.Logistics management
    4.Supply chain management
    5.International Business
    6Textile management
    7.Banking Management
    8.Retail management
    9.Hospital management
    10.Pharmaceutical management
    11.Operations management
    12.Systems management
    13.IT Management
    14.Project management
    15.Sports management
    16.Event management
    17.Entertainment management
    18.Media management
    19.Oil management
    20.Fashion Management

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    Sreeram B
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    Re: Which specialization should I choose for MBA with science background?

    Dear Aspirant,

    MBA stands for Master of Business Administration.MBA course is having huge demand in the world.Almost all the engineering graduates are showing interest towards management education that too they are competing for doing MBA in top management institutes.They all are competing for MBA course is just because of opportunities in the market.MBA graduates are having huge chances in the market to find opportunities with huge packages.Recently one of the student from Indian Institute of Management-Ahmadabad has got an offer with 1 crore package from one foreign company.So you can understand how much demand is there for management graduates in the world.In MBA there are number of specializations.As Your a Science Graduate You can choose any one of the below specialization,

    -Marketing Management
    -Logistics Management
    -International Business Management
    -Retail Management
    -Finance Management
    -Banking Management
    -Systems Management
    -IT Management
    -Pharmaceutical Management
    -Hospital Management
    -Textile Management
    -Petroleum Management
    -Entertainment Management,
    -Fashion Technology Management,
    -Media Management,
    -Supply chain Management etc.

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    Re: Which specialization should I choose for MBA with science background?

    dear MBA is the managing of things ,MBA now a days playing a vital role in all the sectors including the science so diverting from science to MBA is not an issue.
    after your degree in science you are going to learn sift skills,
    common skills,
    presentation skills..
    it offers the exposure of working of an organization .
    after completion of MBA there are good job prospects available.
    at the end of day what every 1 want good salary package.the MBA program is done for the executives and for the senior managers post .you have to write the entrance exams to get admission into the MBA degree,like.
    among all these examinations CAT,MAT,XAT is most important exams.
    this entrance exam is for IIM'S ,this test consists of 120 minutes , more than 30+ institutes prefer CAT scores for selection, so dear you have to work hard in this
    the test consists of
    • quantitative aptitude
    • reading comprehension,
    • verbal ability,
    • data interpretation,
    • reasoning,
    • data sufficiency,
    MAT(management aptitude test)
    all india management association (AIMA) HAS BEEN PROVIDING THE SERVICE OF APTITUDE TESTING SINCE 1988 under the scheme of all indian management aptitude testing service,
    this test was conducted four times per year
    this exam consists of
    • language comprehension,
    • mathematical skills,
    • data analysis &sufficiency,
    • intelligence and critical reasoning,
    • Indian and global environment,
    this exam also consists of negative marks for wrong answering.
    if you cracked the CAT than you have to face the group discussions and personnel interview which carries 50 to 60 percent.
    this entrance exam is given for the

    AND THE OPEN MAT entrance exam is given for the IGNOU.
    there are lot of specializations in MBA after your degree in science specialization
    • MBA in information technology,
    • MBA in health,
    • MBA in finance,
    • MBA in telecommunications,
    • MBA in media,
    • MBA in services,
    • MBA in marketing,
    • MBA in human resource ,
    • MBA in hospitality,
    • MBA in accounting,
    • MBA in E-business,
    • MBA in E-commerce,
    • MBA in technology management,
    • MBA in risk management,
    as you are science student than you can go FOR MBA in technology,health, information system it will helpful for you,
    some of the top business schools are,
    • Wharton business school,
    • Kellogg business school,
    • Stanford business school,
    • Michigan's business school,
    these are the best colleges to be opt ,
    so dear all the best for your preparation .

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    Rahul k
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    Re: Which specialization should I choose for MBA with science background?

    MBA stand for Master in Business Administration and the duration of this course is 2 years. If you have already Pursuing your MBA and confuse in to select your Specialization, then I have suggest you please choose those specialization in which you are Interested.

    There are lots of specialization in MBA like Finance, Marketing, and Management, but these are not the only the specialization of MBA programs offered by colleges or universities, There are lots of Other Specializations in MBA Course too.

    Specializations in MBA Degree course :

    ~~ Finance
    ~~ Hospital Management
    ~~ Retail Management
    ~~ Human Resources
    ~~ Sales and Marketing
    ~~ Technology Management
    ~~ Information Technology
    ~~ Insurance
    ~~ Bank Management
    ~~ Logistics
    ~~ Health Care Management
    ~~ International business
    ~~ Real Estate.

    If you are Good in Maths , then you can easily handle Finance subjects. Then you can Opt Finance as a Major Subject. Finance is not too Tough, If you work hard you will easily cracked it.

    If you are Interested in Marketing and wants to achieve good profits then you have to go for MBA Marketing.

    You can also go for IT because in graduation you have study computer science. So You can also go for MBA IT. After this course you can get good jobs in top companies.

    So, please think and then choose specialization, because its your career and once you choose you cant edit it, So please contact your Seniors or if you have problem then asked your Lecturer, they will guide you better.

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    Re: Which specialization should I choose for MBA with science background?

    Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of those flexible post graduation courses which can be pursued by a bachelor degree holder from any stream of graduation.

    It is a two years programme, which is the equivalent programme of the bachelors degree- BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration).

    One has to choose one's specialization depending upon one's interest in the field of study, which one needs to study in the long run, throughout.

    One has to study one's specialization in detail only in the second year of MBA.
    In the first year, one is taught every specialization in brief.
    Then, the specialization is chose after one year.

    SO, in one year you will realize of what you are comfortable with.
    It may depend on the marks that you are scoring in the subjects, the ease with you are able to comprehend the subjects, the prospects that you see for yourself in the subjects.

    As you are a Science student, you may not have a hands-on on Accounts and financial concepts, in the same way as a commerce students would be aware of.

    Thus, if you are inclined towards it, you can get into deep learning of the subject.

    If you do any Engineering or B.Tech as your bachelor degree, you can also go for MBA in operations.

    This will help you easily understand the algorithms involved in Operations.

    If you are doing your bachelors in an IT stream, you can do MBA in the same.

    But all what I suggest is, experience the subjects in your 1st year, and then decide.

    All the best!!!

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