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    Solve the given mathematical problem and publish the answer?

    A horse starts to chase a dog that has left the stable two hours earlier. The horse runs at an average speed of 2km/hr.* It crosses a 10-metre road, two small ponds 3 metres deep, and finally runs along two small streets of 200 metres long. After traveling 6 hrs, 2hrs after sunset, it catches the dog. Compute the speed of the dog in Km/hr?

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    Re: Solve the given mathematical problem and publish the answer?

    hourse has average speed=2km/hr.
    total time ,ran by hourse 8hrs
    total distance covered=8*2=16km.
    now to calculate speed of dog,we need distance and time.we have both,but problems is how can a dog ran in 3m deep water so here his swimming speed will be calculated.hence this question is wrong.to calculate distance travelled by horse, when it crosses road may be ha has to wait for some time but this time is counted thus total distance will be less than 16 km.obviously horse has caught dog i e dog has less speed than horse

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