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  1. Is ITIS domain a good one in CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)? What is the nature of CTS ITIS job? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
  2. Is B.Tech in Information Technology a good stream in terms of job prospects, scope and higher study opportunities?
  3. I got detained in 2nd year engineering due to lack of attendance. Will it affect me in getting job or career in long run?
  4. How a B.A graduate can get job? What is the ideal job for him?
  5. Any chance for fresher recruitment's in Hyderabad atleast in Janurary 2013?
  6. Which course is best after completing B.E (Electronics and Communication Engineering) in order to get good job and salary?
  7. How to apply for research after B.Sc Genetics?
  8. Minimum required qualifications for CAIIB.
  9. Syllabus of Madyamik Shiksha Seva Chayan Boards TGT and PGT (Bio).
  10. Will I get job offers if I post my resume in job sites like TimesJobs, Naukri?
  11. Best book for IIT JAM mathematics preparation?
  12. What is meant by Job Satisfaction? How it is related to career?
  13. Result of BBM first semester exams-2012?
  14. Tell about diploma course in fire protection engineering and industrial safety?
  15. List the subjects required for B.Com (Management & Entrepreneurship)?
  16. Can I give AIEEE after 12th (Commerce) with Additional maths?
  17. How should I start preparing for CA after +2 science with PCM?
  18. What is the reason for Mathematics in Banking and Finance?
  19. How much time is required to become a chartered accountant after 12th/B.Com 2nd or final year?
  20. Details about course after 10th in JJ School of Arts?
  21. Will JJ School of Arts provide campus placements for its students?
  22. Best web designing institutes in Chennai?
  23. Can I register in ICWAI intermediate directly after completing IPCC?
  24. Pros and Cons of genetic engineering or biotech engineering as my career?
  25. What courses can I do in US as a fresh civil engineering graduate along with job? Is MBA a good choice for Civil Engineers?
  26. How to plan my career in Archaeology field after diploma in computer engineering?
  27. Name the courses offered in Marine engineering field.
  28. Courses available for students those who completed Diploma in Mechanical engineering?
  29. Courses in Civil Engineering field to improve career with respect to Management studies or Modern Construction? Is doing B.E in Civil better than B.Tech in Civil?
  30. Where to get database of various engineering students from all parts of country?
  31. Are there any courses for ENTC engineers which helps to survive in Software Industry?
  32. Which course should I do after PUC other than Engineering?
  33. Are there any good certification courses for mechanical engineers?
  34. Which subject combination is good for 12th students among PCM, PCB and PCMB?
  35. Let me know about suitable courses available to pursue engineering in Astrophysics?
  36. Suggest some latest courses which are related to computer engineering?
  37. Give all information about B.Tech Agricultural Engineering and B.Tech Food Processing? Which engineering branch among these two will have more job opportunities?
  38. Suggest some courses after 12th (Science) with Maths?
  39. Which engineering courses have good scope in India?
  40. Is working in manufacturing industry good for Civil Engineers?
  41. Where to study engineering psychology? Suggest few institutes which offers that course.
  42. How many Civil Engineering specializations will be there for M.Tech course?
  43. How to become an engineering faculty?
  44. Is it compulsory to join short term courses after Electronics and Communication Engineering?
  45. Are there any job oriented courses for CSE students like ECE students have VLSI and Embedded systems?
  46. Give detailed explanation about SAP courses and Institutes.
  47. What are the courses offered after diploma in Automobile Engineering except B.Tech/B.E?
  48. Is there any difference between Computer Engineers and Software engineers? How will be paid more?
  49. Suggest some courses for ECE students in Core Sector. Is there any website to know information about such courses?
  50. Tell about integrated MCA course in Tamilnadu engineering colleges?
  51. Is B.Sc computers a good course choice?
  52. What additional courses are good to do after completing engineering degree in computer science?
  53. How will be the Software openings for freshers in Mumbai?
  54. What courses will I need to study to enter the field of Aeronautical Engineering?
  55. Suggest some short term courses which I can do while studying third semester mechanical engineering from NIT Srinagar?
  56. Suggest few good courses in the field of Economics.
  57. Name the courses available in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering?
  58. How much can I earn in the field of Marketing?
  59. What is the order for best courses after Inter (BiPC) as per list of courses mentioned below?
  60. What percentage should I score in B.Com to get MBA admission?
  61. Is it possible to join Army while doing job in state government?
  62. Can I join Army with BCA, MCA as my educational qualifications?
  63. Which subjects should I select for Mains exam being a B.Tech (Mechanical) student?
  64. Can I get MBA admission in any one of the business schools in Delhi after scoring 58.11 percentile in CAT?
  65. Previous question papers of MBA 1st semester (Distance Education) exams of Sikkim Manipal University.
  66. Is DCA essential to take admission in PGDCA?
  67. What should I do to boost my knowledge and skills in IT field? I have previously done Mass communication and hardware networking course from Jetking Institute.
  68. Is it definite to loose a lot in career if a student fall in love with a girl? Can we manage both love and career successfully?
  69. Difference between Space Center and Space Research?
  70. How can I become a criminal lawyer after 12th (Non Medical)?
  71. Is it true that there is no real value for commerce student without maths? If yes then what should I do?
  72. How should I prepare myself for IIT Engineering? How to plan my schedule? Which coaching institute should I opt for same?
  73. Differences between Bachelors of Commerce and Commerce with Computer Applications?
  74. Required educational qualifications for PSI?
  75. What is the importance and use of Articleship?
  76. What is the maximum age limit to become a Collector?
  77. Are diploma student eligible for appearing in AIEEE?
  78. What is innovative thinking? How to convince my parents to allow me for doing business on my interest? Am I taking risk?
  79. How to close the gap between studies (education) and job (employment)?
  80. Is hotel management everything related to kitchen, preparing food and its techniques
  81. How to start up a business on "Pest Control Services"? What all permissions will I require for it in Andhra Pradesh?
  82. Will students get encouragement from Indian Government & Society to grow high like foreign entrepreneurs get in their respective countries?
  83. Is spirituality related to education? What is physical education and mental education?
  84. Am I eligible for JL, DL and NET after completing M.Sc chemistry with 52%?
  85. What kind of higher studies can I do after B.E in Biotechnology?
  86. Tell about higher studies after B.Sc (Mathematics).
  87. Is there any 1 yr course after completing UG in Microbiology?
  88. Is it useful for me to do MS in Embedded after completing 3rd year B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering?
  89. Can we get good placements in India after M.Tech?
  90. Should I do job or go for higher studies after B.Tech?
  91. What can I do after diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering except B.E or B.Tech?
  92. How to get admission for B.Tech in Rubber and Plastics course from Madras Institute of Technology?
  93. What is the use of studying engineering in IITs?
  94. After B.E which is the trendy higher study option for a girl who aspires to become a rich person in life?
  95. Tell me whether to work for a company which is offering only 3.6 lpa as CTC?
  96. What to do after B.Sc Physics other than MBA or MCA?
  97. Is NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation) good for doing Diploma in Tool and Die Making?
  98. Is Junior lecturer post in Intermediate colleges a right way to start my career in teaching field?
  99. Will we face any difficulties for getting jobs in private companies after AMIE course? Also tell about difficulties while course completion?
  100. Suggest some career options for B.Com graduates with low scores throughout education.
  101. What to do after B.Tech (Mech) to get a job in a good company?
  102. On which subjects should I concentrate more while studying 12th with English, Maths, Business studies, Music and Multimedia as my major subjects?
  103. Will you suggest me to take computers as my career?
  104. Suggest any career paths for students who completed their B.E in 2010.
  105. What kind of career options should I adopt after +2 (Non Medical)?
  106. Which streams will be good for me in distance learning after completing M.A Psychology?
  107. Careers after MA in Social Anthropology?
  108. How to build my career in Anchoring (Reality Shows)? Suggest good MBA course and institute for same.
  109. Is it good to have career in Accounting after BBA from CCS university?
  110. Give a brief description on benefits of law course for a 12 yrs experienced person in sales and marketing field? I am a qualified PGDM Marketing professional. How to configure my career according to latest trends in business world?
  111. Career options for 11th failed candidates.
  112. Is Computer Science engineering a good choice for the student who is aspiring to become a Network Professional?
  113. Let me know about career options that I can choose after MCA. Should I go for job? (or) Suggest some course after MCA which will be helpful to shape my career.
  114. Suggest some career options for B.Sc graduates other than M.Sc.
  115. Name few career options which includes both Biology and English subjects.
  116. What to do after BHMS? Can I practice in India after MD in Homeopathy? What are the job opportunities for Indian BHMS graduates Abroad especially in Research or Pharma?
  117. How to shift from Banking to teaching field? What courses should I undergo?
  118. List the careers in film industry after 12th?
  119. How to start my career in Electronics? Which field is best for me in Electronics? Suggest some books where I can revise all my B.Tech Fundamentals and Basics of Electronics. Should I do M.Tech or do courses like VLSI, Embedded systems?
  120. What to do along with B.A (Hindi) Honours?
  121. How to plan my career in banking field after B.Tech?
  122. How to have best career after B.Tech (CSE) other than in Software line?
  123. Suggest a job oriented and well recognized course which will be helpful in building my career.
  124. Which field is best for a experienced person in Retail with MBA (HR) qualification?
  125. Suggest some career options for a B.Sc student who is interested in Banking sector.
  126. Which language will you suggest me to learn after B.Tech?
  127. Suggest some good institutes/colleges in Mumbai to my career in Photography? Are girls allowed in the field of photography?
  128. My percentage is less than 45% in B.Com. What to do now to improve my career?
  129. How can I become a newsreader in a English news channel? What all courses do I need to complete for it?
  130. Tell about emerging career options in Accounting field.
  131. Can I do BCA along with CS (Company Secretaryship)?
  132. Am I eligible to do regular Ph.D after completing M.Sc distance with 54.99%?
  133. Can I change my career after completing BPT? Is it possible to do MBA or other?
  134. What is the procedure for switching my career to embedded systems from Banking? Suggest me a good training institute with placement assurance in Telecom Industry.
  135. How to decide my career? How will be the scope for me if I do MBA or IT with B.Com?
  136. Which board should I opt between CBSE and ISCE for strong basics and to fulfill my dream to get admission for studies in foreign universities?
  137. What are the chances of getting seat in IIMs, IIPMs and other top B Schools through GMAT after B.Tech?
  138. Previous years question papers of BCA 2nd year semester exams of MK University?
  139. What is DGCA? To which industry is it related?
  140. When is MP PMT exam? Important dates for same.
  141. List the computer centers which are approved by Kerala PSC.
  142. What is the future scope of B.Sc (Home Science) students?
  143. When should we take admission in additional courses provided by DU?
  144. Required age criterion for State Services Prelims exam?
  145. What is the procedure to join CDAC?
  146. What is Anti Virus Software? Can a B.Tech student take this topic as final year project? Will it be possible for me to build my own anti virus software to show as final year project?
  147. Can MEC students do engineering?
  148. Tell about pros and cons of printing technology course. I would like to start a business right after completion of my course. Give your valuable tips for same.
  149. Is MEC better than MPC after 10th?
  150. Are all CAs corrupt? What are the chances for me to become corrupt if I opt CA as my profession?
  151. Required age criterion for CA.
  152. Which course should I take up if I want to setup a Pharma Business?
  153. How good is IIT BHU for Pharmacy in Ayurveda course?
  154. Name the best colleges for B.Pharm course?
  155. List the colleges for B.Pharm course in Mumbai.
  156. Resume models for B.Pharmacy freshers?
  157. Eligibility criteria for B.Pharm admissions.
  158. Is pragati mahavidyalaya, Hyderabad a good school or not? Can I join my kids in it?
  159. Will we have maths in B.Com?
  160. What is the procedure and important dates for PGDC exam?
  161. Is it possible to take admission into Civil Engineering course after completing diploma in Computer Engineering?
  162. Should I do job or start a business after B.Tech?
  163. Is B.Com a undergraduate course? Is this course outdated?
  164. What if I do MCA after B.Com? How will be my career options?
  165. What is the scope of fertilizer industry in India?
  166. Can I do MCA after completing 12th (In Science) and B.Com?
  167. Can I do CA without Pure Mathematics but with Commercial Mathematics and Statistics?
  168. Which is the best course option among MBA, CA and CS?
  169. Requisite qualifications for BCA admissions.
  170. Does NDA offer any B.Com courses along with Military Training?
  171. Can I get reimbursement for M.Tech course through PGECET even after having 3 yrs of gap after B.Tech?
  172. What can I do for my career after B.A (History) + M.A (Sociology)?
  173. My father is insisting me to join BPO. I don't have any interest in it. Is it good for my future to join BPO? I am a B.Tech 2012 passout.
  174. Does IGNOU offer B.A (Sociology) course or not? If yes kindly furnish the complete details regarding admissions.
  175. How to find job in NGO after B.Sc (Forestry)?
  176. Any vacancies for sales tax inspector? When will we get to know about such vacancies?
  177. What is the syllabus for 1st year B.Com course at Agra University?
  178. What are the core subjects in Electronics and Communication Engineering course?
  179. Suggest me few courses related to HR.
  180. Can I apply for E-CET exam of Andhra Pradesh after completing Diploma (Civil) from EIILM University, Sikkim?
  181. Which software course is in more demand?
  182. Give some useful tips to get into software companies. Will there be growth in software field?
  183. Is it true that software testing field has no future or good salaries?
  184. What should I do after 10th to become a software engineer?
  185. Can I go for software implementation even if I don't have any interest in programming? Tell about other fields in software which are not related to programming?
  186. Apart from software development what else will be there in software company?
  187. What operating system does companies use?
  188. Can I do CS after NTS test?
  189. How can I become a software testing engineer?
  190. What are the requirements for setting up a software development company?
  191. Where can we get internship opportunities related to Software testing project?
  192. What can I do to become a software developer?
  193. Should I attempt 1st year improvement exams? (or) Concentrate on NEET in that valuable time?
  194. Tips for building up fresher resume.
  195. What to study after 10th (CBSE)? Class 11th or Intermediate?
  196. I have 2 yrs of gap between intermediate and B.Tech. Am I eligible for getting job in companies?
  197. Can I clear the exams of Inter now, if failed in 1995?
  198. Is my decision risky to study in distance mode after 10th? I actually want to become a professional hockey player.
  199. Where to get the application forms of ITI entrance exam in Andhra Pradesh?
  200. Is ITI equivalent to Intermediate?
  201. Can I do both B.Com and improvement attempt of Intermediate in the same year?
  202. Give all the details about ICWAI intermediate course.
  203. How can I appear in CS course?
  204. How to join Indian army after completing graduation from Delhi University?
  205. How NCC certificate will help me in Army recruitment process?
  206. How should I answer the question "Why you want to join Army?" ?
  207. Can I join Defence services being a Intermediate 2nd year drop out?
  208. What are the various ways for females to enter Indian Army?
  209. Is it easy to get VISA of Australian Universities? How much will it cost from start?
  210. What are the benefits for Ex Servicemen children in Army recruitment process?
  211. How many ways are there to enter Indian Air Force?
  212. How to become a lawyer in fair means? Are all the lawyers corrupt?
  213. Can I become a pilot after 12th (Commerce)?
  214. Details about Marine Engineering courses. Can I get job in Marine Engineering field after completing B.Tech in ECE?
  215. Which rank to secure in MHCET to get a good college?
  216. Give all the details about 1 year marine engineering diploma. What kind of jobs can I get after it?
  217. How to develops apps for facebook and other social media networking sites?
  218. Name few good colleges for Marine engineering courses. What is the scope of it?
  219. Important things to consider before applying to ICWAI course.
  220. How to become a professional animator/designer?
  221. Are girls allowed in Marine engineering field? What type of jobs do they get there?
  222. Why does marine engineers will be less in number when compared to Nautical's?
  223. What is the fee for marine engineering course?
  224. Give all details about DCE scholarship, Kerala.
  225. Name the colleges which are offering B.Pharm courses in Gurgaon?
  226. What is the general fee structure of MBA full time programme? Suggest best places for doing MBA.
  227. Best colleges under CCS university offering M.Ed course?
  228. Will I be allowed to appear in GRE if completed B.Tech from KSOU in distance mode? Is KSOU a good university to do distance course?
  229. Is it possible to take up career in Geology field after 12th?
  230. What is the difference between IAS and IES exam? Which type of jobs will I get after appearing in those exams? How to start preparation for them?
  231. I completed M.Com in 2002. Can I appear in improvement exams of M.Com now?
  232. Am I eligible for IAS exams with degree in distance from KSOU?
  233. Can I apply to PSC exams after completing B.Ed in distance mode?
  234. Tell about NET, M.Phil exams and careers associated with them?
  235. Details about scholarship exams after 12th (Science).
  236. Which exams should I write to do M.S in top universities of Germany in Mechanical department? What percentage should I get in B.Tech? What is the cost of education? Is it suitable for females?
  237. What kind of education is required to clear Exams?
  238. When will we have TRB exams for both school and college recruitment's?
  239. Do I need to study M.Ed after MA in education for the post of teacher in a B.Ed college?
  240. What are the careers in Indian Navy for B.Tech graduates?
  241. Am I eligible to write IAS, IFS exams after completing B.Sc (Maths) distance mode from Periyar University? How to apply for IAS, IFS exams?
  242. Are distance education students eligible for NET SET or not? Mention the upcoming dates of same.
  243. Name the entrance exams which are important for MS admission in US? How to face such exams?
  244. Is there any education department at JNU?
  245. When is the next Ph.D exam in education?
  246. When the exam will be held for DEO post in Education department? Tell about the eligibility criteria and vacancies.
  247. How to become a good lecturer after B.Sc?
  248. Is MA in education equivalent to B.Ed?
  249. Am I eligible for group 2 exams after completing Intermediate with 80%?
  250. My son had his studies from KG to 12th in Karnataka. But we actually are Non-Kannadigas. Is my son eligible for CET exams in Local quota? If in the affirmative, let me know the required documents as proofs.