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    Should I clear IES after GATE?

    should i.e.s be cleared after gate exam????
    i m confused over ies and gate... i know ies is difficult.. but it's tough too.. i m a first year mechanical student at nit k.. help me over dis matter

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    Re: Should I clear IES after GATE?

    Hello Friend,
    I think you should make a proper decision that what do you want to do i.e. either M.Tech or you want to go for job. You can give IES also after gate .
    After doing Mtech there are lots of opportunities. So think well and then take decision.I think Ies is tougher than Gate but if you will have a strong will power then obviously you can make it.
    Best Regards.

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    Re: Should I clear IES after GATE?

    Hello Friend......

    IES is the Indian Engineering Services Examination and this offers you the jobs in different public sectors through the scores of IES.
    The GATE examination is different from the IES and this is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering which is done once in every year for the selection of the candidates.Through the GATE examination you can appear for the many of the PSU's which will recruit the candidates after the GATE examination.
    Through the GATE examination you can also appear for the higher study recruitments also such as the Master of Technical Study M.Tech which can be done with the GATE scores you had got.....

    There is no rules that you should clear IES after the GATE your wish and if you wish to appear for the PSU's undertakings or the higher studies you can appear for the GATE examination and if you wish to join in your core companies of some public sectors which are available through the IES you can appear for IES examination...

    If you had prepared for the GATE examination then you can easily appear for the IES examination and can get secured in the IES examination
    The IES examination is only meant for the respective areas of engineering study such as the
    Mechanical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Electrical and electronics Engineering
    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    These are the different branches of study for which the IES examination is eligible for............

    Through the GATE examination you can appear for the different PSU's such as the
    And any one can appear for the GATE examination respective of the ares of study of engineering course....

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