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    Is shorthand necessary for skill test in stenography?

    I am a candidate who cleared the written exam for stenographer grade D exam. I am appearing for skill test in January, but I do not know Shorthand. Is that necessary for this skill test in stenography or only required typing speed in English
    . Please clarify this sir.

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    Re: Is shorthand necessary for skill test in stenography?

    The skill test is basically a Stenography Speed Test . Candidates have to prove themselves that they know the stenography very well . Candidates may give this test in any method of stenography . Two main methods are:-
    Gregg Shorthand
    Pitman Stenography

    In India, about 95% stenographer use the second one .

    The most popular magazine for learning stenographers, Kailash Chandra Transcription .

    For your practice, you can do the following:

    Find someone who can dictate you the whole English/Hindi news paper daily for atleast 30 days; however the paragraph by SSC, will be easy as compared to a newspaper language .

    Get in front of T.V. and follow the anchor by your stenography skills .
    Always try to find out shortcuts, that describe a good stenographer; Always carry a stenography dictionary instead of a answer key .

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