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    Shortcuts for Aptitude questions?

    shortcuts for aptitude like time inistute following tricksall shortcut tricks to do with in short time,like time materials,time inistitutes following books

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    Re: Shortcuts for Aptitude questions?

    Short cuts for Aptitude questions :

    The short cut method to solve any problem depends on the calculation of a particular problem.If you do calculation part in a short time of seconds then you can do maximum number of problems.

    Calculation Speed plays a very important role in Bank Exams.Daily practice basic Additions, Subtractions, Multiplications, Percentage Calculations, Comparing Fractions and Calculating Squares.

    These include:

    Multiplication Tables (Up to 20 x 10)
    Squares (Up to 30)
    Cubes (Up to (15)
    Powers of 2 (Up to 12)
    Powers of 3 (Up to 6)
    Reciprocals of numbers (Up to 12).

    After practising then take as many test based on the above list, which helps to improve your problem solving capacity to a great extent.

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