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    Short term courses for engineering students after 2nd year?

    short term courses for engineerin students after 2 nd year?
    i am student of information technology.........in JNTUK university ......i have finished with 2 years and would like to know about the courses available which would be useful for my on campus placements at the end of my course........... any help is greatly appreciatd.................

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    Re: Short term courses for engineering students after 2nd year?

    Hi friend,

    It is a good step to learn course that are helpful to you in your near future.

    Its a good move. I appreciate you for this.

    Here are the list of courses that are available for the IT students:-

    1. JAVA.

    2. ORACLE.

    3. DOTNET.

    4. SAP.


    6. SEO.

    You need to choose the course that best fits you and in which are comfortable in.

    Hope i have helped you in getting relevant information.

    All the best

    Thanking you...

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    Re: Short term courses for engineering students after 2nd year?

    hai frnd....
    you have many courses available after 2nd year... first you have to improve your communication skills and body language.
    you have one best course to all these... that is CRT(Campus recruitment training) you will get a good skills in this course and after that you have to improve computer knowledge also so u can join in other courses like c, c++, java, oracle, dotnet, GRE, SQL like this..... so first you have to join in CRT.
    Wish u a very good luck.

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    Re: Short term courses for engineering students after 2nd year?

    Hello Friend.......

    Engineering is the one of the technical under graduate course of study which is actually studied for the 4 years full time course of study which can be done after the completion of the 12th or the diploma course of study and this course of study has different branches of study which are included in this course of study....
    The Bachelor of technology in your Information Technology course of study is also very much more prospectus course of study which has good jobs in the It fields and the future will also be very good if you enter in to the top MNC's IT companies....
    As if you wish to get the jobs in the top IT companies you need to be a skilled person for getting the jobs and there are many sort term courses which are also available and some of them are...

    At first you must be well known with the basic languages which are very much use full for further programming languages and also in all aspects such as the..
    These are some of the main languages which are very much use full in every programming jobs and also very much necessary to build the basics for you future career.
    There are also many other courses which are also available if you have good base in the programming and some of the other job oriented courses of study are..
    *Hard ware and networking
    *CCNA certifications
    *Microsoft certifications
    These are some of the courses which are available for the engineering graduates to take up during your engineering courses of study....

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