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    Scope for ECE students in software field? Suggest what to do after B.Tech. Will ECE students get internship opportunities in software field? Is freelancing a good and safe option?

    software or core electronics solve this biggest delema of my life

    hi i am an ece student. i am in 3rd year(in jecrc jaipur). my college is not very good in terms of placements only 250-300 got placed out of 500. moreover no core electronics company comes for recruitment in our college.

    so many of my friends are preparing for gate. but i have a keen interest in software field. i already completed java core and going to give sun certification exam very soon.

    i wanna know is there any scope in software field for ece student? should i go for mtech in ece? does being an ece student affects my career(in software field) like in promotions? do i have to do internship in software field?

    also i am planning to do freelancing is it a good option?

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